About the criminal process

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I want to learn about the criminal process:

It is important to call the CCU Public Safety as soon as possible at 843-349-2911. CCU Public Safety is made up of sworn officers and investigators trained to investigate crimes such as this.

When you call CCU Public Safety, you can be connected with a victim services coordinator who can help you take the following steps with support and clarity:

  • Providing transportation to a local hospital for medical examination.
  • Assistance with filing an initial police report with an officer.
  • Developing a safety plan tailored to your situation, which may include a change in your day-to-day routine. This could include moving to a different residence hall, making your friends aware of where you are, or asking your friends to tag along with you if you travel somewhere alone.
  • Connecting with resources that will help you move forward.

It is important to know that reporting sexual violence is not the same as prosecuting (pursuing charges). The decision to pursue a criminal action is completely your choice to make.

There is no time requirement for reporting sexual violence (no statute of limitations). Sexual violence can be reported to police regardless of when the incident occurred.

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