Department of Public Safety - Coastal Carolina University
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Department of Public Safety

CCU Public Safety is made up of sworn officers and investigators trained to investigate these type of crimes.

Stalking is not a single event but instead a pattern of actions intended to make the student feel frightened. Students are encouraged to document and/or save all communication from the person harassing you and report all contact to police.

CCU Public Safety employs a full-time victim services coordinator who can assist with filing the initial police report with the officer, discuss the option of issuing a communication and contact warning letter or restraining order. A communication and contact warning letter can be issued on behalf of the student who can provide evidence of reoccurring unwanted communication from the aggressor and proof of an attempt by the student to communicate that the contact is unwelcomed. Thereafter, students are advised to NOT respond to any further communication from their aggressor and report the contact to CCU Public Safety

To provide additional safety, the staff at CCU Public Safety offers two methods of safe transportation on campus. The Chauncey Patrol will respond anywhere on the main campus with a golf cart and drive you to your campus destination or provide a walking escort. This service is available daily, during daytime and nighttime hours. It is important to remember that WE’RE HERE 24 hours, seven days a week!

For emergencies, contact 843-349-2911 or 843-349-2177 (nonemergency line). To contact the victim services coordinator, call 843-349-2178.

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