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Step UP! Bystander Intervention program is an initiative to encourage students to step up in situations that have potential to endanger the health and safety of others. The program provides a specific process and resources for students to follow in a safe and effective way.

Bystander intervention is necessary to create and promote a safe, respectful and welcoming community at CCU. To take action in a situation where help is needed, follow these four steps.

  1. Notice the situation.
  2. Recognize there is a problem.
  3. Decide to help.
  4. Safely take action.

Intervene using one of three D’s:

Direct: Take a direct approach by offering someone a safe ride home, a walk back to their residence hall, or to call them a cab. You can offer to sit with them while they wait for a ride that is already on its way.

Delegate: If directly intervening doesn’t feel safe for you or may not be safe for someone else, you can delegate by asking someone else to intervene. This could be the bartender or bouncer at a bar checking on someone you think might be being targeted or is at risk. This may even be calling 911 if things have escalated to the point that direct intervention isn’t safe for anyone but trained professionals.

Distract: This approach may be one of the easier ways to intervene without making a scene. It’s a great technique if you’re not sure if a situation is unsafe. You can distract by joining a conversation, asking a question or diverting attention elsewhere if someone seems uncomfortable and needs an opportunity to escape. This can be as simple as “Hey, is everyone having a good time?”

Consider your position in the situation and your own personal safety, weigh the benefits and consequences of intervening, and choose the best method to intervene.

For more information on the Step UP! program, contact the LiveWell Office at 843-349-4031 or

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