Report to Police

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I want to report to police.

Immediate action or protection

If someone is carrying a weapon on campus and you do not believe they are a member of law enforcement, please contact CCU Public Safety immediately at 843-349-2911

If someone presents an immediate threat to your safety, whether or not they possess a weapon, dial 911 for help. 

Relocate to a safe place if the situation allows.

Investigation into weapon

If you are unsure whether or not a crime has been committed, CCU Public Safety has sworn officers who undergo the same training as any police officer in the state of South Carolina and can investigate events that have occurred.

If you’d like them to investigate a potential threat to the campus, please contact CCU Public Safety’s dispatcher (843-349-2177) and ask to speak with the victims service coordinator who can help you understand your options.

This is for situations that do not pose an immediate threat to campus. 

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