Brett Simpson

Brett Simpson's Research

Dr. Brett Simpson’s research involves several different projects. Currently, the primary focus of his research involves projects that look at effective and new ways to better structure the curriculum to impact student learning both at the general chemistry level for both majors and non-majors, as well as for specific upper-level chemistry courses related to analytical chemistry.

Research has looked at the effects of removing exams from course grades as well as scaffolding approaches to allow review of material on an as-needed basis to better customize courses based on the individual. Another area involves studying binary metal electrode films prepared by a simpler method. To prepare films, quite often you need specialized equipment that can be costly, and the research focuses on a cheaper polymer-based method.

A final area of interest is looking at the flavor and aroma profiles of food products. These profiles can be looked at to possibly determine local areas of production as well as determine if name-brand food materials have been faked by the addition of various chemicals.