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  • Computer science majors: 165
  • Information systems majors: 72
  • Information technology: 154
  • Fastest growing major:  information technology
  • Highest pecentage minor growth: web application development
  • Highest percentage of graduation growth:  information systems
  • Largest major:  computer science
  • Newest degree program:  Information Systems Technology graduate program
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About Us

Serving over 400 students, the Department of Computing Sciences supports one master's program, three undergraduate programs, and seven undergraduate minors. See our Programs and Degrees page for more details on individual programs.  Our information technolgy degree program is the fastest growing degree program in the College of Science for programs with under 150 students. See what our campus looks like via the Coastal Now - Aerial View of the CCU Campus Youtube Video.


The Department of Computing Sciences serves students seeking degrees in computing-related fields, those who are interested in the application of computing to other fields, and other majors with computing-related educational needs. The faculty is committed to following the teacher-scholar model and providing high-quality educational experiences for students through dynamic classroom and laboratory experiences, collaborative research and scholarship opportunities, internship programs, and innovative course offerings, with the goal of preparing students to become knowledgeable, productive, responsible citizens. Graduates with a degree in computer science, information systems, or information technology will be prepared to excel in graduate studies and professional careers, conduct themselves ethically as professionals in the field of computing and consider the impacts of technology on society, and adapt to ongoing technological advances in the discipline. In addition to providing a high-quality, student-centered learning environment for its majors, the department will assist other departments as needed by providing computing education tailored to the needs of their majors.


  • 1985 - Coastal received approval to offer a major in computer science in the spring of 1985. The Computer Science Department was originally a part of the School of Mathematics and Computer Services. There was no department chair at the time; Joseph E. Cicero was director of the school. E. Eugene Collins was the coordinator of the computer science courses and Sabhash Saxena was the coordinator of the mathematics courses. 
  • 1987 - Coastal's first computer science majors graduated in the spring of 1987. After a major reorganization of the academics programs in 1987, the Computer Science Department became a part of the College of Business Administration with Joseph E. Cicero as its first chair. 
  • 1993 - Computer science offices are physically relocated to the Wall Building.
  • 1998 - Computer Science Department becomes an academic unit of the College of Natural and Applied Sciences
  • 1999 - A Dual Degree Program with Clemson is created (three years at Coastal and two years at Clemson with degrees in computer science and engineering)
  • 2004 - Computer science offices are physically relocated to the Coastal Science Center
  • 2010 - Prior to 2009, the department offered one degree program, the B.S. in computer science program with two tracks: theoretical and information systems. By the fall of 2010 the B.S. in computer science and the B.S. in information systems were two independent Bachelor of Science programs. The department was renamed to the Department of Computer Science and Information Systems.  
  • 2014 - The department offers a Bachelor of Science in information technology and becomes the Department of Computing Sciences. Erin Rickard, Ph.D becomes the first female computing science faculty member to earn tenure.
  • 2016 - Master of Science in information systems technology with a concentration in security and analytics. 
  • 2017 - The Department of Computing Sciences physically relocated to the Academic Office and Classroom 2 building, in which the second floor was specifically designed to meet the needs of the students.  
  • 2018 - Jean French first female faculty member to earn rank of full professor in the department and is elected the first female department chair.
  • 2019 - The department introduces four new minors of study: applied technology, cybersecurity, information systems technology, and information technology.

Department Chairs

2018-Present: Jean French
2012-2018: William Jones
2010-2012: John Stamey
2008-2010: Stephen J. Sheel
2003-2008: Jean-Louis Lassez
1993-2002: Stephen J. Sheel
1989-1993: E. Eugene Collins
1987-1989: Joseph E. Cicero 

By the Numbers Additional Information

  • Undergraduate data obtained from the Gupta College of Science 2018 Undergraduate Fact Book
  • Fastest growing major is based on Gupta College of Science undergraduate enrollment trends by major (with fewer than 150 students) in fall semesters 2013-2018
  • Highest pecentage minor growthis based on  Gupta College of Sciences undergraduate enrollment tends by minor fall semesters 2015-2018
  • Highest percentage of graduation growth is based on Department of Computer Science undergraduate degrees Aawarded by major 2012-2018
  • Largest major based on a comparison of Department of Computing Sciences undergraduate enrollment trends by major fall Ssemesters 2013-2018