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Using a Mac in CSCI 100-Level Courses using CENGAGE MINDTAP ONLY!  This does not apply to courses using Simnet. 

The following resurces are provided for beginning students in freshmen-level CSCI courses who use Macintosh systems.  While the type of operating system a student chooses to use is a personal choice, there are some courses (especially in CSCI 110) where the Mac version of software is not the same as for the Windows version.  In the case of CSCI 110, there is no version of the text for Mac users.  It is important that students become familiar with the systems they have chosen.  This includes knowing what software is already installed, how to  how to install software, file management, etc.  This page is provided to assist students in CSCI 110, but the general information is applicable toany student using a Mac.

General Information

The following links are to the Apple Support Pages.

Microsoft Office for Mac Users

The Office version on the MAC is not the same as the PC.  This page provides video resources for students enrolled in CSCI 110 using a MAC. The following videos provide alternate instruction in cases where the actions needed to complete an assignment for the MAC differ from the textbook.  Students, please communicate with your instructor should you need assistance.

You will need to authenticate with your CCU credentials to access the videos in Microsoft Stream.


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