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Student Work in the DCD

"Social media is changing the way we communicate and the way we are perceived, both positively and negatively. Every time you post a photo, or update your status, you are contributing to your own digital footprint and personal brand." - Amy Jo Martin

Click the images to see some of the creative works of our English 483 students. 

DCD Skylar Book - Critical Theory in a Digital Age, CCU, Engl 483 - Jen Boyle (JPEG) Feb 2018


DCD Skylar Book- Theory in a Digital Age: A roject of English 483 Students, CCU - Jen Boyle (JPEG) Feb 2018

Working in the DCD

  • DCD Student Virtual Reality - Carousel Slide (983x672) February 2018 JPEG

    Virtual Reality in the DCD

    Student Dylan Young is trying out a Virtual Reality (VR) experience using the Playstation VR headset during a demo day for the Fall 2017 DCD 304 Interactive Methods course.

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  • DCD Coding Students - Carousel Slide - February 2018 - (983x672) JPEG

    DCD Coding Students

    Students Christian Spigner and Krystal Smalls work on the camera tracking for their 3D game world using the Unity 3D editor.

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  • DCD Gamer Kids - Carousel Slide (983x672) Jen Boyle JPEG February 2018

    Working Together in the DCD

    Students Devin Lewis and Casey Mallon are working on their 3D game world in Unity 3D, a fantasy underground world with giant mushrooms and other fantasy elements.

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  • DCD Student Work Parthenon - Carousel Slide (983x672) Parthenon - Jen Boyle JPEG
  • DCD Coding Student - Carousel Slide (983x672) - February 2018 - Jen Boyle - JPEG


    Student Cooper Rees working on his Unity 3D game world, which is a 3D representation of his road trip to the Pacific Northwest. He is working on adding graphic assets to the game world.

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