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Mission Statement

 "We believe that through their early exposure to business enterprise, young people can be successfully motivated and nurtured; and when given the educational real-life experiences that are pivotable to accomplishing their dreams; they will thrive as adults, in the American way."

Thomas P. Brown Jr.

Mission Statement

Each One Teach One Entrepreneurship Institute serves to provide students with the tools they need to build prosperous, successful futures in education and business. We teach middle school and high school students how to plan for the future, work in groups, market their ideas, make effective presentations, and much more. We encourage all the participants in the program to attend college and pursue their dream careers. Our goal is to help inspire tomorrow's leaders, who will teach the next generation how to succeed.

Contact Information

Matthew Gilbert 
Lecturer/Director, Each One Teach One
Office: Wall 301J 
Phone: 843-349-4103 | mgilbert1@coastal.edu | View profile