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What is Beacon?

Beacon is an early alert system. It is one of several Campus Labs modules that CCU is currently using. Beacon provides a platform for individuals across campus – including faculty, academic advisors, athletic advisors, academic coaches, and staff in student support offices – to communicate information regarding a student’s academic behaviors. Beacon allows individuals that frequently interact with a student the ability to identify trends inside and outside of the classroom. Being able to identify these trends could be valuable in many instances, such as planning a course schedule and guiding a student to campus resources.

When a notification is submitted in Beacon, members of the student’s success network are able to view and respond to notifications as needed. The student’s success network is made up of University stakeholders that frequently interact with a student. Depending upon the student’s major and involvement on campus, these individuals might include academic advisors, academic coaches, athletic advisors, and/or mentors.

Contact Information

For questions related to advising, please contact:

Frankie M. Weeks
Director of University Advising
Office of the Provost
Kearns 216A

For questions related to Academic Coaching, please contact:

Jessica Fokken
Director, Academic Coaching Experience Department
Coastal Student Success Center
Kearns 105

For questions related to outreach and the early alert process, please contact:

Angela Dembiczak
Academic Coaching Specialist
Academic Coaching Experience Department
Kearns 106B

For help accessing Beacon and for data questions, please contact:

Stephanie Jagannathan
Research Analyst/Statistician
Institutional Research, Assessment & Analysis
Singleton 229

Beacon is administered by Institutional, Research, Assessment & Analysis.