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2024 Maymester Faculty-Led Programs Abroad

Now open for applications with deadline for submission by October 26, 2023.


Gupta College of Science

Biology of Sharks (Bahamas)
Dan Abel
Derek Crane
Carbonate Geology & Paleocology of Bermuda
Till Hanebuth
Bret Jarrett
Ecology of Coral Reefs in Jamaica
Erin Burge
Steven Luff
Sea Turtle Biology in Costa Rica
George Boneillo
Eric Rosch

Edwards College of Humanities and Fine Arts

Literary, Music, & Visual Cultures of Trinidad and Tobago
Jesse Willis
Joseph Oestreich
Tripthi Pillai
Exploring the Holy Land (Israel)
Erika Tritle
Cynthia Port
Human Rights & Social Justice in South America (Argentina, Uruguay, & Chile)
Claudia Bornholdt
Edurne Beltran de Heredia Carmona
Joseph Fitsanakis
Christopher Gunn

Wall College of Business Administration

Business Studies in Europe (Czech Republic, Germany, & France)
Cari Borisuk
Jerome Christia
Castles to Corporations (England & Scotland)
David Fink
Nicole Beyersdorf

Spadoni College of Education and Social Sciences

Italian Influences in Education & Culture (Italy)
Jamia Richmond
Catharina Middleton

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