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Respirator Use for Students

1. If you are required to wear a respirator mask, or would like to voluntarily request the use of a respirator mask, please fill out the Respirator Request Form. After completing the form, send a copy to

Once the request has been confirmed, you must complete the Respirator Medical Questionnaire Form. This questionnaire must be completed to determine if you are qualified to wear a respirator.

2. The completed questionnaire will then need to be sent to Student Health Services for evaluation. Please schedule an appointment with Student Health Services and bring your completed Respirator Medical Questionnaire with you. You must also bring the Respirator Approval Form to Student Health Services to have the medical provider complete.

Student Health Services
251 University Boulevard
Conway, SC 29526

3. After following up with Student Health Services and gaining approval, you must submit the completed Respirator Approval Form to You will also need to complete the required respirator training, EHS 2005 PPE-Respiratory Training, before the fit test can be completed. The training will provide an overview on the Respiratory Protection Program, respiratory hazards, requirements for respirator use, as well as respirator storage and maintenance.

Please contact Environmental Health and Safety to schedule a time to come to the Environmental Health and Safety Office to be fitted for a respirator mask.

The Environmental Health and Safety Office is located at:
470 Allied Drive, Unit B
Conway, SC 29526

Respirator Request Process Students (please read first)

Respirator Request Form

Respirator Medical Questionnaire Form

Respirator Approval Form

Please complete the designated training by logging into: