Emergency Management

Emergency Management

A comprehensive emergency management program fosters a culture of preparedness within the University community resulting in enhanced institutional resilience.

The mission of the Emergency Management Department is to prepare the CCU community for all hazards and threats by facilitating the coordination and integration of a comprehensive emergency management program. This ongoing mission is fulfilled through strategic program areas such as hazard mitigation, emergency planning, training and exercises, emergency preparedness education, emergency notification and emergency operations. The overall program is coordinated among all University departments as well as local, state and federal agencies.

The Emergency Management Department operates within the four phases of emergency management: preparedness, response, recovery, and mitigation. The majority of the time, emergency management staff are working in both the preparedness and mitigation phases concurrently. Preparing for all hazards and threats while implementing projects to mitigate their effects is critical to ensuring the safety of the University community and continuation of the University’s mission. The EMD maintains a posture of readiness, continuously monitoring for potential hazards and threats that could impact the campus community and provides notification of impending hazardous conditions when necessary.

Emergency management staff will move into the response phase in advance of or response to a large-scale emergency or complex incident that may disrupt the overall operations of the University. Emergency operations will be executed with the activation of the CCU Emergency Operations Framework and the CCU Emergency Operations Center (EOC), as required. The CCU emergency management director will lead the emergency operations organization through the response and recovery phases. Similar to standard operations, situations such as long-term emergency operations may require emergency management staff to implement projects associated with all four phases of emergency management simultaneously.

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Contact Information

Carissa A. Medeiros
Associate Vice President for Resilience

Milt Seekins
Emergency Management Specialist

Randy Wuest
Emergency Management Specialist

Emergency Management Department
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