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Environmental Quality Laboratory 



Photo of Danielle holding a probeDanielle Viso
Laboratory Director

A photo of Amanda in the labAmanda Sturgeon
Laboratory Manager

Photo of Heather in the labHeather Groundwater
Analytical Coordinator

Robbie MoorerRobert Moorer
Datasonde Technician

Photo of Julia HertenJulia Herten
Environmental Lab Technician

Image of Victoria in front of a marshVictoria Green
Volunteer Water Quality Monitoring Coordinator

A photo of Kelly samplingKelly Hall
Volunteer Water Quality Monitoring Coordinator

Current Students

Graduate Students

Zacharie Loveless
Zack is a second year master's student in the Coastal Marine and Wetland Studies Program. He is originally from Williamsport, Maryland. He received his Bachelor of Science in marine science with double minors in biology and chemistry from CCU. His internship project is focusing on volunteer water quality monitoring on CCU’s campus and in the Town of Briarcliffe Acres.