Athletic Aid HEOA Disclosures

Athletic Aid HEOA Disclosures

The Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008 (H.R. 4137) was signed into law on August 14, 2008. This Law mandates that we provide you with a significant amount of additional information in a variety of formats.

Athletic Aid

Coastal Carolina University scholarships are only provided to prospective student-athletes that are being recruited by the head coach of that respective sport. Athletic scholarships are not offered on an application basis.

Athletic Scholarships

Coastal Carolina University offers athletic scholarships for the follow programs:

Men's Women's
Football Volleyball
Cross Country Cross Country
Basketball Basketball
Track and Field Track and Field
Baseball Softball
Soccer Soccer
Tennis Tennis
Golf Golf
  Beach Volleyball

Student-Athlete Graduation Success Rate Report:  ‌

‌‌Freshman Cohort Graduation Rates

Equity in Athletics Disclosure Act: After clicking on the preceding link you can choose “Get Data for One Institution” to look up Coastal Carolina University's current report.  This report is also available upon request by contacting the Athletic Administration office.

Conference Affiliations