HEOA Consumer Information

General HEOA Disclosures

The Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008 (H.R. 4137) was signed into law on Aug. 14, 2008. This Law mandates that we provide you with a significant amount of additional information in a variety of formats.

The disclosure requirements cover the following areas:

  • General Institutional Information
  • Financial Aid and Scholarships
  • Academic Programs and Student Attainment
  • School's facilities, services and policies regarding health and safety

Consumer Information from the Department of Education is available at https://studentaid.gov/

General Institutional Information

Information on employment and counseling services for students:

The names of associations, agencies, and/or governmental bodies that accredit or approve the programs offered:

Full-time Undergraduate Enrollment Percentages Sorted by Gender, Race, and Pell Recipient: 

Special facilities and services available to disabled students:

The degree programs, training, and other education offered:

Academics and Student Life