Re-Admit students may be eligible for financial aid.  We welcome your application for financial aid and look forward to assisting you throughout the process.  Below is more information about financial aid specifically related to common questions received from re-admit students.  If you have any questions, please contact us at 843.349.2313 or email

Scholarships for Re-admit Students

As a re-admit student can I still receive a CCU Merit award?

Re-admit students are typically not eligible for merit awards.  However, if a student had to cease enrollment for extenuating circumstances, they may submit a merit appeal by contacting  More information about merit appeals can be found at

As a re-admit SC resident, am I still eligible for a SC Lottery Scholarship (HOPE/LIFE/Palmetto Fellows)?

All students who were SC residents at the time of high school graduation and initial college enrollment are reviewed for initial, continuing, and regain eligibility for the SC Lottery Scholarships.   South Carolina’s Commission of Higher Education (CHE) regulations limit scholarship eligibility to eight (8) semesters after a student’s initial college enrollment.  Please make sure CCU has all final official transcripts from any other institutions attended for an accurate review.  Questions can be sent to

Are there other scholarships available for Re-Admit Students?

Re-admit students may also apply for Coastal Educational Foundation (CEF) and External Scholarships.  Please visit our Scholarships Website to learn more about these scholarship opportunities. 

Federal Financial Aid for Re-admit Students

Can Readmit Students Receive Federal Financial Aid?

Admitted readmit students can apply for federal financial aid by filling out a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at  Students will receive an email once we have received their FAFSA.  If additional information is needed to verify eligibility for financial aid, students will be contacted and instructed to submit required documentation, which can also be found on WebAdvisor by clicking on ‘***Missing Information***’ under the Financial Aid section of the Student Menu.  Readmit students are awarded at the same time as our continuing students after Spring grades are processed.  Award letters can be viewed on WebAdvisor.

What if I used federal financial aid at another school?

There is a limit to how much federal financial aid a student can receive per academic year.  Students who transfer to CCU in the middle of an academic year may have limited eligibility depending on the amount of financial aid they received at their other school.  Effective July 1, 2012, you can receive the Federal Pell Grant for no more than 12 semesters or the equivalent. Students also should be aware of their loan debt.  The US Department of Education has placed limits on how much students can borrow in their lifetime.  Most dependent students are only able to borrow up to $31,000 in Direct Loans.  Most independent students are only able to borrow up to $57,500 in Direct Loans. Students can review their loan limits by visiting

If I had the Academic Common Market (ACM) Waiver previously at CCU, am I able to receive it again?

Students who are required to formally reapply to Coastal Carolina University will need to be recertified for the applicable term of enrollment to have their Academic Common Market Waiver reinstated. For more information on ACM, visit

Am I meeting Satisfactory Academic Progress for financial aid purposes?

All students receiving Title IV Federal aid and some forms of private and/or institutional aid are required to meet Satisfactory Academic Progress standards. A student's status is calculated based on the cumulative CCU grade point average and percentage of attempted courses that have been successfully completed. Students who have submitted a current FAFSA will be notified if their status is Unsatisfactory once the annual SAP review process is completed each May. Students who have attempted at least four semesters of enrollment at CCU are required to maintain a 2.0 cumulative CCU grade point average to remain eligible for Title IV Federal aid.

What can I do if I’m not meeting Satisfactory Academic Progress for financial aid purposes?

Students not meeting Satisfactory Academic Progress standards can appeal to receive federal financial aid. Students should pay attention to SAP appeal deadlines and payment deadlines. Students who do not have an approved appeal by the established deadlines must set up alternative payment arrangements with Student Accounts. Please note that appeals are not reviewed for suspended students. Students must be reinstated by the University before being reviewed for a SAP Appeal. These are two separate processes. More information can be found

Who Do I Contact If I Need Assistance

Please contact Financial Aid and Scholarships at 843.349.2313 or to speak with a financial aid counselor to help with any questions you may have.