What To Do Before Orientation

Items that can be completed before Orientation: 

1. Complete your FAFSA and include the institution's school code (003451):

A completed FAFSA is required in order to award you any federal and most state aid. If you have not completed your FAFSA, please do this ASAP by visiting the FAFSA website.

2. Check Self-Service Financial Aid weekly for status:

Usually, within one week after the FAFSA has been submitted to the Department of Education, the institution will receive the results electronically. When your file is complete, you will be awarded. If the institution needs additional information you will be notified via email to check the Required Documents section in Self-Service Financial Aid for more details. Self-Service Financial Aid also allows you to view or print an offer letter or check the status of your financial aid by term.

3. Sign any necessary state certificates:

A signed South Carolina State Certificate is required each year you are awarded:

  • South Carolina LIFE Scholarship
  • South Carolina HOPE Scholarship
  • South Carolina Palmetto Fellows Scholarship
  • South Carolina Need-Based Grant
  • South Carolina College Assistance Program 

Certificates may be signed electronically through Self-Service Required Agreements.

4. Sign the Financial Aid Authorization Form via Self-Service Required Agreements:

This form gives the institution permission to use your excess pending financial aid for indirect costs, such as books. One example of the benefits of this form: financial aid refunds are not processed until after the end of the 100% refund (approximately the third week of classes). If you want to use excess financial aid to purchase books prior to receiving a refund, this signed form will allow you to use the excess pending funds to purchase books. Without this form on file, you will have to pay out-of-pocket or wait until yor refund is issued (if eligible). If your parents are planning on applying for a Parent PLUS loan, the borrower will also need to sign the parent authorization form. The form is available here and may be faxed to Financial Aid and Scholarships at 843-349-2347.

5. If you are planning on borrowing Direct Student Loans:

  • Sign a Master Promissory Note (MPN): This is your agreement with the government to repay the loans. You can complete this electronically at https://studentaid.gov/
  • Complete Entrance Loan Counseling: This is an online counseling session required by the Department of Education. It can be completed at https://studentaid.gov/ using the student's FSA ID.

     Both steps above require the student's FSA ID in order to electronically sign the documents.

6. If you have been awarded a scholarship from a source other than CCU:

Please mail your offer letter and/or check to Coastal Carolina University, Office of Student Accounts, PO Box 261954, Conway, SC 29528-6054. This type of aid will not appear as pending financial aid on the student's bill. It will be posted directly to the student's account.

7. If you participate in a tuition pre-payment plan (such as a 529):

Please contact the Office of Student Accounts via email at studentaccounts@coastal.edu or by telephone at 843-349-2159. This type of aid will not appear as pending financial aid on the student's bill.

8. If you need additional loans:

Please apply now. You may visit our loan webpage for information on the different types of loans. 

9. Can you pay the remaining amount? If not, please consider the following options:

    1. Setting up an installment payment plan with the Office of Student Accounts
    2. Having your parents apply for a Parent PLUS loan
    3. Applying for a private loan

10. Please be sure to check for Payment Due Dates