Current Exhibition - Coastal Carolina University
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Current Exhibition


Marcia Wolfson Ray

January 16 – February 17 2023

Reception: January 19 4:30-6:30pm

Rebecca Randall Bryan Art Gallery

Edwards College of Humanities and Fine Arts

After collecting the materials- bamboo, hibiscus, dog fennel, corn, reeds, grasses, and various other plants, they may sit in my studio for years and it’s during this time I can see what happens to them. Some of the materials petrify and become stronger while others disintegrate, turning to dust. This gives me a hint of what I can build with them. The idea my imagination starts with may not mesh with the physical reality of the material I'm using, so I have to allow for a certain degree of improvisation, that lets the work evolve and dictate its own form. I try to minimally impose myself so that in a way I am collaborating with nature.

This is where I return to the sense of mystery, because all my conscious calculations may come to naught and all I am left with is a process that reveals itself in a most obscure way. There lies

the excitement I feel when I'm working. It is my hope that the pieces convey to the viewer an intensity that transcends words.