Current Faculty Fulbright Awards at CCU

Faculty Fulbright Awards at CCU

Coastal Carolina University has 21 former and current Fulbright scholars among its current faculty and staff, and 15 former Fulbright scholars among its retired faculty and staff.

Since 2012, ten CCU faculty have been awarded Fulbright grants. 

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Other CCU Fulbright Alumni

Current Faculty Staff:

  • Merrill Boyce, Ph.D., Chief Executive in Residence (1973-75 India)
  • Amanda Brian, Ph.D., Associate Professor of History (2003-04 Germany)
  • Darla Domke-Damonte, Ph.D., Professor of Management (1989-91 Slovakia; 2003 Poland)
  • Steve Earnest, Ph.D. MFA, Professor of Theatre (2019-2020 China)
  • Daniel Ennis, Ph.D., Professor of English (2001 Morocco; Fulbright Specialist - 2019 - current)
  • Russell Fielding, Ph.D, Assistant Professor, HTC Honors College (2005 Canada)
  • Lori Fields, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Anthropology (2014-15 Philippines)
  • Jeffry Halverson, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Philosophy (2000–01 Egypt)
  • William Hills, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Psychology (2012-13 Russia; 1992, 2003 Poland; 2018-19 Poland)
  • Emma Howes, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of English (2019-2020 Kazakhstan)
  • Var Limpasuvan, Ph.D. Professor of Physics (2017-18 Norway)
  • Pamela Martin, Ph.D., Professor of Politics (2009 Ecuador)
  • Maggi Morehouse, Ph.D., Associate Professor of History (Trinidad); 2017-18 United Kingdom)
  • Anna Oldfield, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of English (2010-11 Kazakhstan; Fulbright Specialist - Kazakhstan 2017)
  • Gililan Richards-Greaves, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Anthropology (2022-23 Nigeria)
  • Gary Schmidt, Ph.D., Professor of German/Chair of Department of Languages & Intercultural Studies (German Studies Seminar, Berlin/Leipzig 2005) 
  • Robert Sheehan, Ph.D., Professor (2014 Senior Fulbright Fellow Designee)
  • Erika Tritle, Ph.D., Assistant Professor (2018 -20 Israel)
  • Doug Van Hoewyk, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Biology (2015-16 Turkey)
  • Keith Walters, Ph.D., Professor of Marine Science (1988-89 Australia)
  • Casey Woodling, Ph.D., Instructor of Philosophy (2016 -2017 Madagascar)

Retired Faculty and Staff Colleagues:

  • James Henderson, Ph.D., Distinguished Professor Emeritus (1992-93 Colombia)
  • Linda Henderson, Ph.D., Emeritus Professor (1992-93 Colombia)
  • Fred Hicks, Ph.D., Distinguished Professor Emeritus (1988 India; 1990-95 Cyprus)
  • Charles Joyner, Ph.D., Distinguished Professor Emeritus (1991, 1995 New Zealand) (Deceased) 
  • Richard Koesterer, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus (1977-79, 1991-92 Kenya)
  • Ronald Lackey, Staff (1998 China) (Deceased)
  • Patience Locke Kotwa, M.A., Coordinator of Foreign Languages Instructional Center (1989-91 Austria)
  • Joe Mazurkiewicz, Ph.D., Staff Counseling Services (1992, 2003 Poland)
  • Mario Morales, M.A., Senior Instructor of Spanish (Fulbright at West Virginia University)
  • Stephen Nagle, Ph.D., Distinguished Professor Emeritus (1989-90, 1992, 2003 Poland)
  • Carol Osborne, Ph.D., Professor of English (2009 China)
  • Sara Sanders, Ph.D., Distinguished Professor Emeritus (1989-90 Poland)
  • Daniel Selwa, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus (2003 Poland)
  • Gary Stegall, M.A., Distinguished Professor Emeritus (2011 Brussels)
  • Glenda Sweet, M.A., Distinguished Professor Emeritus (1988 India)