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Fulbright Programming and Outreach Lecturers on Campus

Dr. William Hills, CCU professor of psychology, serves on the board of the South Carolina Fulbright Association.  Over the last two years, CCU has reached out to cooperate with the SC Fulbright Association as a part of our efforts to expand participation in this international prestige program.  As a result, CCU has hosted the South Carolina Fulbright Association in a one-day meeting on campus. Previous year’s agendas are included below.

Please check back for future meetings scheduled on campus and learn how to participate. 

Fulbright Outreach Lecturers at CCU

The Fulbright Program offers the opportunity for non-US visiting scholars to come for short periods (often 3 – 5 days) to campuses around the USA during their grant cycle. CCU welcomed its first Fulbright Outreach Lecturers in Spring 2016 under the leadership of the Arts and Humanities Global Experience Program (AGHEP).

How to Invite a Scholar

Faculty interested in inviting distinguished Fulbright scholars currently serving in the USA are asked to review the list of scholars (updated annually each October) to identify potential areas of mutual interest. Departments/colleges/divisions who want to advance an invitation are asked to be willing to provide support in organizing the schedule for the respective scholar, supporting the meal costs of their participation on campus, providing transportation to and from accommodations when off campus, and supporting the accommodation cost at least in part. In many cases, units provide a small stipend as a part of the scholar invitation discussion, though this must be approved by Fulbright. Transportation costs from the part of the USA they reside in to Myrtle Beach are covered by Fulbright, if a scholar is approved. Preference is given to awards that partner with local community colleges and/or targeted institutions. Scholars are only eligible if they have a few months left on their grant. As such, in previous applications, we have reached out to partner with HGTC in these efforts.


As CCU can only invite a few each semester, you are asked to indicate your suggestions for scholars to invite by no later than October 15 (for fall semester) and December 10 (for spring semester) to Dr. Darla Domke-Damonte ( to enable some coordination of invitations from across the campus among interested departments.  Lists of scholars, areas of focus, and US host institutions are provided in a searchable database at