Pedestrian/Bike Safety

Across campus, you will notice Heads Up decals. These decals encourage all Chanticleers and community members traveling around campus to stay alert and pay attention to their surroundings.  

On foot: 

  • As you approach crosswalks on campus, you will see a Heads Up decal. This decal signals you to look up from your device and be aware of your surroundings until you have safely exited the crosswalk. Pedestrian alertness is not only important for yourself but for those traveling around you.
  • Pedestrian Safety
  • Cross streets at a designated crosswalk or intersection whenever possible.
  • Walk on a sidewalk or path instead of the road. Walk on the shoulder and facing traffic if a sidewalk or path is not available.
  • Increase your visibility at night by carrying a flashlight when walking and wearing reflective clothing, such as reflective vests.

On a bike or skateboard: 

  • Biking and boarding across bridges is prohibited. As you approach bridges on campus, you will see a Heads Up decal. This decal signals you to get off your bike or board and walk it safely across the bridge.
  • Bike safety: 
  • Use proper signaling.
  • Lock up your bike whenever it is not in use. 
  • Do not ride your bike on sidewalks along roadways. 
  • Use bike lanes and crosswalks where they exist. 
  • Be aware of pedestrians.
  • Use lights at night.
  • Act predictably.
  • Always wear a helmet. 

Skateboard safety:

  • Never ride in the street.
  • In a multi-use area, skate on the right side and pass on the left, be cautious of others using the same area.
  • Do not use headphones when skateboarding.
  • Always wear a helmet.

On a golf cart: 

  • You will notice several Heads Up decals around campus, particularly at crosswalks, bridges, certain pathways, and in front of buildings. As you approach these decals while operating a golf cart, understand that they are signaling you to find an alternative route or parking spot.