ADD and ADHD - Coastal Carolina University
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Attention-Deficit/Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Medication Distribution

I. Policy
Student Health Services (SHS) shall ensure minimal risk for ADD/ADHD controlled substance misuse and abuse.

II. Purpose
To ensure that students receive their controlled substance medications for ADD/ADHD in a timely and safe manner.

III. Procedure

A. Students requesting management for ADD/ADHD medication must provide medical records from their Primary Care Provider indicating the diagnosis, medication and dosage. Records must include the last three (3) months of medication coverage.

B. SHS does not diagnosis ADD/ADHD, start ADD/ADHD medication or change ADD/ADHD medication/dosages. A stable prescription dosage for the last 3 consecutive refills within the past year is a prerequisite for SHS coverage. A lapse in medication coverage may contraindicate SHS medication management.

C. Students must see the SHS' physician initially and be seen in follow-up for medication management and refills. The physician will write electronic prescriptions. Under no circumstances will a lost or stolen prescription be replaced.

D. SHS does not change medication or dosages for ADD/ADHD. If a change in medication or dosage is required the student must return to the original or another medical provider for evaluation.

a. After evaluation by original/another medical provider, change in medication and three month medication adjustment period (i.e. stable prescription dosage), students may return to SHS for medication management; students must provide medical records reflecting any change in diagnosis, medication and dosage from prescribing physician.

E. If there is any indication of alteration/tampering of medical prescription, selling/sharing medication or taking more than the prescribed dose, the proper authorities will be informed and the student will no longer be eligible to receive medication management from SHS.

F. SHS’ physicians reserve the right to refuse writing medical prescriptions if a student declines to abide by this policy.