Allergy Injections

Allergy Injections

The Allergy Clinic at the Center for Health and Well-Being provides a convenient location for the continuation of your allergy management and treatment while you attend Coastal Carolina University. If you receive regular allergy injections from an allergy specialist, under most circumstances you can transfer your allergy injections to Student Health Services (SHS) to ensure that your current treatment plan is continued.

This process must be completed by the student and reviewed by the SHS clinical staff who will then contact the student when all the above forms are received.


  • A limited number of patients are accepted every year for allergy injections. Enrollment is based upon a first come first served basis. At times there is a waiting list for this service.
  • A patient’s first allergy shot MUST be administered by the patient’s prescribing allergist without adverse reaction.
  • Please expect the initial allergy shot consultation at the Center for Health and Well-Being to take more than 1 hour. Your initial visit will include a consultation with an SHS physician followed by a 30-minute appointment with an RN during which time the shot(s) will be given.
  • Injections will be given by a member of the nursing staff only when the SHS physician is present in the SHS clinic.
  • A minimum of 20 minutes waiting period post injection is required.
  • An RN will check for reactions after the required waiting time.
  • Individuals who receive an allergy injection and leave the clinic before the required 20 minutes observation period and/or leave before being verbally discharged by a nurse, will be discharged from the program.
  • Fees associated with allergy injections are the responsibility of the student unless enrolled in the school sponsored health insurance plan.
  • Allergy appointments cannot be made online.

In the event of inclement weather evacuations, Student Health Services cannot be responsible for possible power outages and an interruption in serum refrigeration. Students are advised to pick up their serums prior to evacuation.

Mail allergy vials on ice to the Center of Health and Well-Being, Attention Student Health Services, 251 University Blvd., Conway, SC 29526.

Please be aware that the office operating hours are Monday to Friday 8am to 4:30 pm and is closed on the weekends.

Please call ahead to the clinic before dropping off or hand delivering your allergy serum.