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Allergy Injections

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The Allergy Clinic provides a convenient location for the continuation of your allergy management and treatment while you attend Coastal Carolina University. If you receive regular allergy injections from an allergy specialist, under most circumstances you can transfer your allergy injections to Student Health Services (SHS) to ensure that your current treatment plan is continued. Note: your allergy treatment must be initiated at your allergist office, and at least one allergy injection (without adverse reaction) must be performed by your allergist before your first appointment at SHS. If you are suffering from allergy symptoms but are not currently seeing an allergist, a medical provider at SHS will refer you to a local allergist.

Returning Students

  • Download and read Allergy injections: Getting Started at CCU SHS.
  • Download, complete and sign the Allergy Injection Intake Checklist and Consent.
  • Download Request for SHS Request for Allergy Injection Therapy. Your allergist will need to complete this form.
  • Download, complete, sign and date the Authorization for Disclosure of Protected Health Information.
  • Upload the completed Allergy Injection Intake Checklist and Consent Form and Authorization for Disclosure of Protected Health
  • Information Form into the MYSHS Portal.
  • Patients may deliver allergy serum and physician/allergist written orders and injection log to SHS for storage/review by SHS nursing staff. Please call ahead before delivering your allergy serum.
  • Allergy serums may also be mailed to SHS by the physician-allergist’s office. Current allergy flowsheets (documentation of your history of allergy injections) and orders may be sent/delivered to SHS as follows.
    • Upload to MYSHS Portal.
    • Fax to (843) 349-6546.
    • Mail to Office of Student Health Services 251 University Blvd. Conway, SC 29526.
    • Drop off to SHS. Please call ahead before delivering your allergy serum.
  • All allergy forms-information will be reviewed by Allergy Clinic staff; after all information has been received and reviewed, you will be notified through the MYSHS Portal to call (843) 349-6546 and schedule your allergy injection visit.
  • Fees associated with allergy injections are the responsibility of the student unless enrolled in the school sponsored health insurance plan.
  • Allergy appointments cannot be made online.

Allergy Clinic Contact Information:

Phone: (843) 349-6543 or Fax: (843) 349-6546