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Public Health Degree

The Bachelor of Science in Public Health prepares students to protect and improve the health of individuals and communities through a challenging academic program with experiential learning opportunities.

Description of the major

Public health is defined as the art and science of helping people change their lifestyles to move toward states of optimal health. When you work in the field of public health, you will assist others in making lifestyle changes by enhancing awareness, changing behavior or creating environments that support better health practices. At Coastal Carolina University we offer a generalist public health degree that has a health promotion focus. Students gain an understanding of disease and illness, epidemiology, statistics, behavior approaches to public health, environmental health, public health policy, advocacy, and health care systems. The public health major blends instruction from biology, chemistry, political science, psychology, sociology, marketing, communication, and medicine, into applications addressing current health problems facing our community.

Students can remain in the generalist public health option, select one of our other concentrations or add a minor to their academic program.

For additional information, contact:

John F. Yannessa, Ph.D.
Chairperson, Department of Public Health

Deloris A. "Dee" Duncan, D.R.E.
Administrative Specialist, Department of Public Health