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The Prince Fellows

The Prince Fellows program is an opportunity for students to develop primary research skills. Students will engage in Horry and Georgetown county-based archival research, investigation of local census and county records, and interviews. These student-driven projects allow members to gain firsthand planning, writing, and oral presentation skills. Students in the Prince Fellows program work on projects for two consecutive semesters and earn three credit hours per course.  

Recent Prince Fellows projects include an investigation of former one-room schoolhouses in the counties of Horry and Georgetown under faculty mentorship with John Roper, adjunct instructor in CCU’s Department of History. Students gathered information from Whittemore, R.F. Howard, and Conway High Schools and conducted more than a dozen interviews with alumni.  Similarly, Eliza Glaze, professor in the Department of History, mentored a cohort of students studying antebellum gardening and Black landscaping. The class also visited the SC Historical Society archives as a component of their research.