Honors Courses

Honors-only courses and Honors by Special Arrangement sections

Honors students are required to take at least 24 credits of Honors courses before graduation. Honors courses come in two forms: Honors-only courses and Honors by Special Arrangement, also known as an 'Honors section.'

The difference between Honors-only and Honors-by-special-arrangement

Honors-Only Courses

These are courses with only Honors students enrolled. These are usually smaller-seminar style courses with a great deal of student-faculty interaction. All courses taught in the Honors college with the HONR prefix are Honors-only, as well as certain courses taught by other departments that have a H in the course number, such as COMM 150H and ARTH 106H.

Honors students are required to take at least three (9 credits of) Honors-only courses. Most of these courses also count in majors or in the Core Curriculum, so students do not have to take extra courses in order to graduate with Honors.

Honors by Special Arrangement

These are usually called Honors sections, and consist of an Honors section that is attached to a regular class section. The Honors students attend the regular classes, but are given alternate assignments by the instructor that go beyond the normal coursework. The Honors section is listed with an H in the section number: MSCI 301 H1 would be a part of MSCI 301 01. Honors students often take such sections in their major courses. More information about these, and how to request one, can be found on the Honors by Special Arrangement page.