Sustainability Certificate

‌Certificate in Sustainability

Sustainability Certificate Program

Sustainability examines the economic, environmental, ethical, political and social dimensions of developing a decent standard of living for all without compromising the needs of future generations. The certificate in sustainability is a multidisciplinary academic program of 15 to 17 credit hours that gives students the opportunity to choose electives with sustainability based in their area of study. The program encourages students to critically analyze their chosen fields with an eye toward 21st century problem solving skills to help create a better tomorrow. The certificate in sustainability program is designed to offer students an integrated interdisciplinary structure to develop diverse competencies and tools for fields in both public and private sectors, including energy, education, corporate, government and nongovernment, and international.

Student Learning Outcomes •
Upon receipt of the certificate in sustainability, students will be able to:

  1. Analyze sustainability through the lens of various disciplines.
  2. Apply sustainability to their local and global surroundings.
  3. Communicate the significance of sustainability within their major disciplines.
  4. Apply sustainability perspectives and approaches to their major fields of study.
  5. Critically examine sustainability issues through various perspectives and using multiple methods.

Program Curriculum •
The certificate in sustainability is a total of 15 to 17 credit hours. For a detailed description of the program, view the Undergraduate Course Catalog »

Required Courses:
   UNIV 122 – Introduction to Sustainability (3 credit hours)
   UNIV 421/POLI 421 – Sustainability Development (3 credit hours)    
Recommended Course:
   UNIV 315 – Service in Sustainability (3 credit hours)
   Nine to 11 credit hours selected from a list provided by the program adviser in University College.
   The typical list of electives includes a choice among more than 80 courses across all colleges.    


Michele Varga
Sustainability Advisor 
HTC Honors College and Center for Interdisplinary Studies
Kearns Hall 213A