Insurance: Dental and Health Plans


Your coverage begins on the first day of the calendar month coinciding with, or following the date you begin employment and are actively at work. Coverage for your enrolled dependents begins when your coverage becomes effective.

If you do not enroll within 31 days of the date you begin employment you cannot enroll yourself and your dependents until the next Dental open enrollment period, or within 31 days of a special eligibility situation. Open enrollment for Dental occurs every October of odd years. To set up an appointment, please contact your Benefits Office at 843-349-5085 or 843-349-2975. For additional information, visit the Public Employees Benefit Authority at or Blue Cross/Blue Shield at

For additional assistance in navigating your benefits, please visit:

Basic Dental Plan

The State Dental Plan is a fee-for-service program providing preventive and diagnostic, basic, and major dental coverage. This plan is available to you at no charge; however, there is a small monthly premium to cover eligible dependents. Orthodontic coverage is available for children under age 19. There are four classes of service: Class I (Preventive/Diagnostic); Class II (Basic Services); Class III (Prosthetics) and Class IV (Orthodontics). The maximum benefit per year for classes I, II, and III is $1,000 per covered person. Class II and Class III have a combined annual deductible of $25 for each covered person.

Dental Plus Plan

Dental Plus is an additional dental option that provides a higher level of coverage for services covered under the State Dental Plan. You are required to carry the same level of coverage in Dental Plus as in the State Dental Plan. The combined annual maximum benefit for the State Dental Plan and Dental Plus for services in classes I, II, and III will be $2,000 per covered person (compared to $1,000 with the State Dental Plan alone). There are no additional deductibles and coinsurance under the new program. Dental Plus premiums are paid entirely by you with no contribution from the state. Dental Plus premiums are in addition to the premiums for Basic Dental. Dental Plus does not offer orthodontic benefits.


For information about the state health plan, visit or Blue Cross/Blue Shield at

It’s always better to address a health issue before it becomes a health crisis. Take advantage of these value-based benefits at no cost to you. PEBA Perks are available to State Health Plan primary members at network providers and pharmacies. These benefits can help make it easier for you and your family to stay healthy. For more information, visit