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The Center for Group-Voice Pedagogy and Research

The Center for Group-Voice Pedagogy and Research in the Department of Music at Coastal Carolina University was established in 2023 with a mission to advance the field of group-voice pedagogy through innovative research, professional development, and community engagement. We are dedicated to empowering independent, K-12, and academic voice educators of all styles and genres with evidence-based knowledge, practical skills, and creative solutions to enhance their teaching, learning, and performance. We hope to build a vibrant and inclusive community of voice professionals dedicated to advancing the art and science of teaching voice in group settings. We believe that by working together, we can create a more efficient and effective future in voice education as we engage individuals across the world in the life-changing experience of learning and singing together.  

2023 Summer Group-Voice Pedagogy Intensive
Coastal Carolina University,
Department of Music (Conway, SC)
July 20-22, 2023

The Center for Group-Voice Pedagogy and Research will be offering an inaugural, intensive workshop experience in group-voice teaching from July 20-22 in Conway, SC—just 15 minutes from sunny, beautiful Myrtle Beach. The curriculum will focus on group-voice pedagogy—that is, how you train individual voices through paired lessons, small groups, large groups, and voice classes. We will cover pedagogical ideas and strategies related to group-voice teaching in different vocal styles and musical genres and across multiple settings (independent studios, academic voice programs, choral programs, K-12 classrooms, and more). And of course, we will need to include pedagogical content ideas (the what of teaching and the how of singing) in our group lessons. Therefore, you will come away with new knowledge and skills related to both voice pedagogy and group-voice pedagogy.

The intensive will be led by Dr. Amelia Rollings Bigler, director of the Center for Group-Voice Pedagogy and Research at Coastal Carolina University and recent winner of the Clifton Ware Group-Voice Pedagogy Award given by the National Association of Teachers of Singing. Dr. Rollings Bigler will be joined by members of our experienced faculty who will contribute pedagogical content and lead workshop sessions related to voice teaching. 

Our faculty will work closely with you to ensure that you leave with tangible ideas on how you might incorporate group-voice experiences into your own program, studio, choir, or classroom. You will also be able to make valuable connections with other voice professionals, share and collaborate, and perhaps enjoy an afternoon at the beach!

For summer 2023, you can register as a teaching participant or a singing participant.

Teaching participants will engage in an intensive learning curriculum each morning and will optionally be able to apply these skills in the afternoon with local singing participants.Teaching participants of the 2023 Summer Group-Voice Pedagogy Intensive might be independent voice teachers; choral conductors; K-12 vocal music educators; academic applied voice, choral, music education, or theatre faculty; church choir and ensemble directors; or any voice professional wanting to learn more about teaching voice in group settings. 

Singing participants of all levels will be able will be able to work with teaching participants in a group-voice format, gain knowledge, and most importantly, walk away with improved artistic and technical singing skills. Singing participants (ages 18+) might be local pre-professional or professional performers of all genres; avocational singers; community and church choir members; or any singer wanting to learn more about singing in a group-voice setting.

We invite you to join us as we build a vibrant and inclusive community of voice professionals dedicated to advancing the art and science of group-voice training and education. 

Sample Topics (Subject to Change):

· The Why and How: History, Pedagogy, and Methods for Group-Voice Teaching

· Group-Voice Pedagogy in Choral, Independent Studio, K-12, and Academic Settings

· Choosing, Structuring, and Scaling Repertoire for Group-Voice Teaching

· Ideas for Effectively and Efficiently Teaching Applied Voice in Paired Lessons, Small Groups, Large Groups, Voice Classes, and Master Class Format

· Teaching Teachers: Fostering Applied Pedagogical Experiences through Group Voice

· Teaching Group Voice Online

· Creating Group-Voice Lesson Plans and Syllabi that Maximize Student Engagement

Teaching Participant Daily Schedule (Subject to Change):

Voice Teaching Participant Schedule 2023 (Added 5/2/23) MCD

*Teaching Printable PDF Verison

Singing Participant Daily Schedule (Subject to Change):

Singing Participant Daily Schedule 2023 (Added 4/24/23) MCD

*Singing Printable PDF Version

Tuition and Registration for Teaching Participants:

The final deadline for registration will be July 10, 2023.

· Registration (Deadline: July 10, 2023):  $425*

*Registration with housing will only be available until July 1, 2023.


Registration is OPEN! 

Teaching Participant Conf Reg 2023 QR CODE (Added 5/16/2023) MCD                          Singing Participant Conf Reg 2023 QR CODE (Added 5/16/2023) MCD

Teaching Participant         OR        Singing Participant   


Tuition and Registration for Singing Participants:

To apply to be a singing participant, please email . Once your application has been approved, you will be given a link to register. For 2023, we will not offer housing to singing participants. The registration fee for singing participants is $75.00.*

*No refunds will be offered at this time, so please confirm travel and schedule details prior to registration.

Travel and Housing:

Dorm-style housing (See Tradition Hall (subject to change)) will be available on a first-come, first-served basis. Rooms are single occupancy bedrooms with shared bathrooms in a multi-person, shared suite. Housing will be open from July 19-23, 2023 and will cost $350 total. Linens will be provided. Meals will not be provided, however self-pay cafeteria options will be available on campus. 

For more information about our campus, driving directions, and airport information, please click here.

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Amelia Rollings Bigler
Center for Group-Voice Pedagogy and Research and Assistant Professor of Music
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