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Spring 2024

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Please note that language specialists are also available to assist with distance learning language courses. 

Meet Some of Our Tutors

ILRC Louis Bock  (Added 9/7/23) MCDLouis Bock

Major: Business Finance and Management

Languages: French and German

Email:  lbock@coastal.edu 

Growing up in a small but international Luxembourg has taught me very early to deal with people from different backgrounds and cultures. Being able to communicate in different languages really helps to connect with people and learn more about their diversity.


Anthony Bobaru Tutor ILRC (Added 1/23/23) MCDAnthony Bobaru

Major: Biology

Language: French

Email: abobaru@coastal.edu


ILRC Giovanna Costantiellio (Added 9/7/23) MCDGiovanna Costantiello

Major: Political Science 

Minor: Intelligence and National Securities 

Language: Italian

Email: gkcostant@coastal.edu 

The ILRC is a great way to enhance your language experience, and I hope to see you stop by! I have always loved to learn languages and to learn the cultures surrounding them. I am so grateful CCU has allowed me to continue my journey with Italian and I know it’ll help you on your own journey!” 


ILRC Marisol Heredia (9/7/23) MCDMarisol Mendoza Heredia

Major(s): Marine Science (primary), Language and Intercultural Studies (Chinese and Spanish)

Email: mmendoza@coastal.edu 


"There are so many cultures that make us diverse, only by understanding them can we make the world better. ¡Aprendamos juntos! 我们一起学习吧!"  


ILRC Noe Santos (9/7/23) MCDNoe Lipkow Santos

Major(s): Recreation and Sport Management and International Management

Language: German

Email: nlipkow@coastal.edu

I came to CCU from Kiel, Germany. I am a Wall Fellow and play soccer for the university. I’m excited to help you with your German studies and introduce you to German culture.” 


ILRC Diana Solis Aguilar (Added 9/7/23) MCDDiana Solis-Aguilar 

Major(s): Political Science and Languages and Intercultural Studies 

Minor(s): Pre-Law and Spanish 

Language: Spanish 

"I have always had an interest in languages and different cultures around the world.  It is a great way to connect with others! Please feel free to stop by at the ILRC if you are looking for extra help!"


ILRC Karina Solis Aguilar (Added 9/7/23) MCDKarina Solis-Aguilar

Major: Psychology (Forensics Concentration), Languages and Intercultural Studies (Hispanic Studies) 

Minor(s): Spanish for Health Professions

Language: Spanish 

"I think that learning languages is a great way to be exposed to different cultures and traditions ( as well as the jokes)! If you stop by the ILRC, that is what you will experience.


ILRC Alex Wiggins (added 9/7/23) MCDAlex Wiggins

Major(s): Public Accounting and Wealth Management

Minor(s): Chinese Studies and Applied Mathematics

Language: Chinese

Email: cawiggins@coastal.edu 

"Practicing language is always one of the most relaxing and exciting parts of my day. Studying and working with the tutors at the ILRC helped foster my passion for Mandarin, and I hope to pass that on to you!"