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ILRC Tutoring Services

Spring 2023

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Please note that language specialists are also available to assist with distance learning language courses. 

Meet Our Tutors

Anthony Bobaru Tutor ILRC (Added 1/23/23) MCDAnthony Bobaru

Major: Biology

Language: French

Email: abobaru@coastal.edu


Logan Bellos Tutor ILRC (Added 1/23/23) MCDLogan Bellos

Major: Languages and Intercultural Studies

Email: lwbellos@coastal.edu 

Language(s): Spanish and German


Kayden Cassidy Tutor ILRC (Added 1/23/23) MCDKaden Cassidy

Major: Information Technology

Minor: LIS, Area Study in Italian

Language: Italian

Email: jcassid1@coastal.edu 

"Learning a language is more than only speaking it. Learning a language is a new experience; New culture, new opportunities, a new perspective. Language is a gateway to something entirely new." - Kaden Cassidy


Nikoli Daigneault Tutor ILRC (Added 1/23/23) MCDNikoli Daigneault

Major: English

Minor: German Studies

Language: German

Email: nmdaignea@coastal.edu 

 “I see learning earning a language as a way to develop a more nuanced perspective on the world and a way to explore your own self-expression.” - Nikoli Daigneault


Alexis Daly ILRC Tutor (Added 1/23/23) MCDAlexis Daly

Major: Psychology

Minor: Languages and Intercultural Studies

Language(s): French

Email: aodaly@coastal.edu 

"If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his own language, that goes to his heart." - Nelson Mandela 


Johnathan LaVecchia tutor ILRC (Added 1/23/23) MCDJohnathan LaVecchia

Major: Political Science, Languages and Intercultural Studies

Language(s): Spanish and Chinese

Email: jflavecch@coastal.edu

"Languages are the one subject where knowing only a little bit is still really valuable. It’s also a decent party trick." - Johnathan LaVecchia


Megan Shoop Tutor ILRC (Added 1/23/23) MCDMegan Shoop

Major: Marine Science, Political Science, Languages and Intercultural Studies (Chinese and Arabic)

Minor: Asian Studies, Applied Mathematics

Language: Chinese

Email: mashoop@coastal.edu

“I love learning languages because it is a great way to gain exposure to other cultures, histories, food, holidays, traditions, and friends. The ILRC is a great resource offered by Coastal, and I hope that you will stop in this semester!” - Megan Shoop


Colin Scholl Tutor ILRC (added 1/23/23) MCDColin Scholl

Major: Psychology

Minor: Languages and Intercultural Studies, Chinese Studies, and Asian Studies

Language(s): Chinese and Spanish

Email: caschol1@coastal.edu 

“Language raises a profuse source of questions about the mind, which I aspire to study further. For example, how hierarchically expanse language is with written vs. spoken language, alphabetic vs. non-alphabetic, sign language vs. verbal language, etc. All avenues for research and exploration! I enjoy sharing my passion for language learning with fellow students and encourage them to visit the ILRC!” - Colin Scholl


Jade Schmitt Tutor ILRC (Added 1/23/23) MCDJade Schmitt

Major: English (Creative Writing Concentration)

Minor: Linguistics, LIS, Religious Studies

Language: Italian

Email: jgschmitt@coastal.edu 

“We should learn languages because language is the only thing worth knowing even poorly.” — Kató Lomb