ITS for Faculty and Staff

University-hosted web pages

Any Coastal Carolina University faculty or staff member may request a personal web page hosted on a University server (ww2). These pages may be used to provide course materials, share research or projects, or post a CV. Other options for sharing University files are through the Office 365 app OneDriveCCUCloud or Network Storage.

Request a ww2 page

To establish a personal web page on the ww2 server, submit an Online Service Request through the ITS Service Center under the category Faculty and Staff Services. In the text box, specify Request a ww2 page. An ITS staff member will follow up with you once your page has been established. The url for your new ww2 page will be:

Guidelines for ww2 pages

A personal page on the ww2 server is defined as an electronic page for an individual who is a member of the faculty or staff of Coastal Carolina University.

Web pages on the ww2 server should provide information about individuals or organizations relevant to their role or roles at the University, and should not be used for personal business or personal gain unless they are of measured benefit to the University and are officially sanctioned by the appropriate authority at the University. A University employee who wishes to use University computing resources to host web pages for a non-profit organization with which they are affiliated must receive prior written approval from their dean or vice president. Web pages on the ww2 server are prohibited for commercial purposes (e.g., business, for-profit organizations) unrelated to the University.

The official Coastal Carolina University home page and University publication pages will not link directly to personal pages. Academic directory or profile pages may link to faculty or staff personal pages. With University Marketing and Communications, Information Technology Services retains the right to request removal of any personal pages or links from personal pages that violate this protocol. Failure to comply may result in removal of the page and/or disciplinary action.

The following statement must appear on all University-hosted ww2 pages:

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