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About the Jackson Family Center

The Jackson Center aims to cultivate ethical awareness within the academy and surrounding community, through programs and events fostering inclusive conversations on important contemporary ethical issues.

The primary focus of the Jackson Family Center for Ethics and Values is to cultivate awareness throughout the academic and surrounding communities of the importance and lifelong rewards of personal and professional integrity. In order to achieve its goals, the Jackson Center sponsors four cornerstones: the Jackson Scholars, the Ethics and Leadership Academy, the Jackson Center Events Program, and the Visiting Ethicist series. The Center is guided by a director, an assistant director, an ethics fellow, and a board of directors in order to recognize and celebrate the rich history and example of Mary Emily and Nelson Jackson and their family.

Mission Statement:

The mission of the Jackson Family Center for Ethics and Values is to create opportunities for open conversations about how ethics and values affect the individual, the university, the region and the world.

 Vision Statement: 

The vision of the Jackson Family Center for Ethics and Values is to inspire individuals to make ethical and value based decisions, and thus live lives of courage, compassion and integrity.


Jackson Center Directory


David Holiday has been the Jackson Center's Ethics Fellow since Fall 2015. He received his B.A. from Balliol College, Oxford, his M.Sc. from Edinburgh University, and his Ph.D. from the University of Chicago. His doctoral thesis "Moral Incapacity: the Shadows Cast by Character" explored the idea that the moral limits to what we can do partly give our characters their shape. His work is primarily focused on moral theory, moral psychology and the history of ethics (focusing on the 20th Century). He also works on the philosophy of human rights, with interests in the foundational concepts and norms that shape contemporary thought about global justice such as sovereignty, dignity and equality. Outside of philosophy, he is a passionate cook, baker and butcher, a Japanese speaker, and a devoted fan of the Arsenal, the Chicago Blackhawks, Bears and White Sox, and MMA.

Assistant Director

Alan Lam is the assistant director and a recent graduate of Coastal Carolina University with a B.S. in philosophy and psychology. Before CCU, he served in the U.S. Army as a combat medic at various locations. He plans to attain a master’s degree and work in the field of data analytics. Outside of work, his hobbies include chess, boxing and learning guitar.

Board of Directors

Laura Hoy, Chair, Jackson Family Member                      
J. Ralph Byington, Provost and Executive Vice President       
Debbie Conner, Vice President for Campus Life and Student Engagement                    
Dan Ennis, Dean, Edwards College of Humanities and Fine Arts and Vice President of Academic Outreach 
Kristi Forbus, Lecturer, Department of Health Sciences               
Scott Gallimore, former Assistant Director, Jackson Family Center for Ethics and Values
Rachel Gandy, Jackson Family Member                                            
Marva Lackey, Community Member                             
Rev. Kirk Lawton, Pastor, Ocean Lakes Campground                       
Claudia McCollough, Founder, Jackson Family Center for Ethics and Values      
Jeanne Mize, Jackson Family Member                            
Barbara Ritter, Dean, Wall College of Business and Vice President for Executive Development and Career Services
Michael Roberts, Dean, College of Science and Vice President for Research and Emerging Initiatives
Robert Sheehan, Professor, Special Assistant to the President's Office
Holley Tankersley, Associate Dean, Edwards College of Humanities and Fine Arts                 
Emily Vallarino, Jackson Family Member                     
Bobby Wilkes, Community Member                  
Kaki Williamson, Jackson Family Member
Stovall Witte, Chief Executive Officer, Coastal Educational Foundation