Why Become a Jackson Scholar? - Coastal Carolina University
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Why Become a Jackson Scholar?

The goal of the Jackson Scholars Program is to inspire selected students to make ethical and value-based decisions in their personal and professional lives.


  • Students selected to join the two-year program are enrolled in philosophy and leadership courses designed to support and educate them in this endeavor.


  • Jackson Scholars are awarded a scholarship of $500 to $750 per semester during their time in the program, in addition they are eligible to recieve the Joseph Kenyon Ethics Scholarship.


  • Jackson Scholars participate in a number of events sponsored by the Jackson Center, in addition to conferences such as: Women in Philanthropy and Leadership (WIPL); South Carolina Philosophy Conference; Mid-Atlantic Regional Ethics Bowl, and the After-School Ethics Academy. 


  • Students are afforded numerous opportunities for networking and resume building, especially through their final semester leadership project.