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The faculty of the Department of Kinesiology embrace their roles as teachers, scholars, and mentors by engaging students outside of the classroom in a wide variety of community outreach activities, collaborative and mentored research projects, and theory-to-practice experiential learning opportunities. Students can gain hands on experience in Exercise and Sport Science in one of our seven laboratories during traditional class time and through research experiences with a faculty mentor in their area of research interest. 

Faculty Research Interests

  • Blood Flow Restriction during Aerobic Exercise
  • Psychosocial Aspects of Sport-Related Concussions, Concussion Recovery, and Injuries
  • Physical Activity Monitor Validation
  • Metabolic Responses to Various Types of Exercise
  • Acute Responses to Exercise in Children
  • Acute Performance Enhancement
  • Foam Rolling and Range of Motion
  • Telehealth and Physical Activity
  • Choking under Pressure and Skill Performance
  • Practice Conditions and Transfer of Motor Skill
  • Feedback and Motor Learning
  • Effort Minimization Theory
  • Benefits of Physical Activity in Cognition and Mental Health

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Jakob Lauver, Ph.D.

Phone: (843) 349-2715
Department Chair
Office: Williams-Brice 111

Theresa Scully

Phone: (843) 349-2609
Administrative Specialist
Office: Williams-Brice 111