Laboratory Spaces - Coastal Carolina University
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Exercise Science Laboratory Spaces

The Department of Kinesiology houses seven different laboratory spaces and a wide variety of cutting edge equipment for students to gain hands on experience in the field of exercise science. All of the laboratories are in the Williams-Brice Builiding on Coastal Carolina University campus. A few of the laboratories are primarily used for teaching, but there are several laboratories that are dedicated for student research with a faculty mentor. Below is a list of the laboratory spaces in the Department of Kinesiology.


A faculty performing a resting metabolic test on student

Integrated Exercise Science Laboratory

Body Composition and Metabolism Laboratory

Strength and Wellness Laboratory

Neuromechanics Laboratory

EXSS Teaching Laboratory I

Motor Behavior and Sport & Exercise Psychology Laboratory

KNES Behavioral Teaching Laboratory



Student looking at an ECG during an exercise test

Man trying to balance on a balance board