CCU Licensing Program

About CCU Licensing

Coastal Carolina University’s brand marks are the icons that allow us to be identified. By maintaining consistent marks on materials that carry the Coastal Carolina University marks, our brand is reinforced and we ensure associations with CCU are appropriate and positive. To avoid the dilution or erosion of the Coastal Carolina University brand, it is essential that our marks be handled in a uniform and consistent manner. Without uniformity, impact is lost and messaging risks confusion.

Coastal Carolina University seeks to foster loyalty, respect and enthusiasm among our students, alumni and University supporters by ensuring products bearing our name and other marks are of high quality and good taste. By ensuring this, CCU’s reputation for educational excellence is enhanced. Proper use of the University’s name and marks also stimulates public awareness and support.

Only those companies that meet the standards of the University are licensed to manufacture Coastal Carolina University products. The University’s licensing administrators work with manufacturers who wish to make products that utilize its trademarks and symbols; with retailers who wish to sell Coastal Carolina University licensed products; and with University departments, programs and student groups who want to use the University’s trademarks on products.