Current Licensed Vendors

CCU Licensed Vendors

The current licensee list for the University’s product can be found here‌. It is typically much easier to work with an established University licensee than to try and license a new product or idea.

Both the University and CLC can provide information on the products produced by all licensees so you can match your needs with the right company.

Needing to order a promotional item for a club/organization?

Step 1:

Choose a vendor from the approved licensee list: 

Step 2:

Work with the approved licensed vendor to choose the product, develop a concept, and determine proper logo or design. NOTE: Do not use a vendor who asks you for a logo. Vendors should request through CCU Licensing.

Step 3:

Once you have a quote from the vendor that includes creative on product, submit artwork to for approval. NOTE: Vendor should also submit artwork through the LLP Creative Approval System (Trademarx) and may receive feedback through this system. Editor will respond to approval requests in three business days or less.

Step 4:

Before finalizing with vendor, creative must be approved by University Marketing and Communication, which will come from editor.