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Graduate Program Forms

M.S. in Coastal Marine and Wetland Studies

CMWS Master’s Degree Program TimelineCompletion Checklist

1. M.S. CMWS Major Advisor and Committee Members

1. a. M.S. CMWS Graduate Advisory Committee

1. b. M.S. CMWS Changes to Graduate Advisory Committee

2. M.S. CMWS Proposal Forms

2. a. M.S. CMWS Thesis/Research Proposal

2. a. 1. Thesis Proposal Budget Form

2. b. M.S. CMWS Professional Experience Proposal

2. b. 1. Memorandum of Understanding for CCU Internship Program

2. b. 2. M.S. CMWS Internship Learning Contract

2. b. 3. M.S. CMWS Internship Activity Log

3. Funding Request Forms

3. a. Graduate Funds Supply Request

3. b. Graduate Funds Conference Travel Request

4. M.S. CMWS Degree Plan

4. a.  M.S. CMWS Application for Admission to Candidacy and Degree Plan

5. M.S. CMWS Thesis and Professional Experience Report Guidelines

5. a. M.S. CMWS Thesis Guidelines

5. b. M.S. CMWS Professional Experience Report Guidelines

5. c. M.S. CMWS Title Page

6. M.S. CMWS Defense Forms (for Major Professors)

6. a. M.S. CMWS Results of the Thesis Defense or Professional Experience Final Report

6. b. M.S. CMWS SLO Assessment for Thesis Track

6. c. M.S. CMWS SLO Assessment for Professional Experience Track

7. Important Thesis Submission Recommendations and Deadlines

  • A correctly formatted copy of the M.S. thesis should be distributed to the graduate advisory committee at least two weeks before the defense.
  • The M.S. thesis defense should occur at least 2 weeks prior to commencement.
  • The final, post-defense, graduate advisory committee approved version of the M.S. thesis must be uploaded to ProQuest no later than 5 business days before the last day of finals. It is recommended to submit a copy of the thesis to the Graduate Programs Director prior to submission to ProQuest to have the formatting checked to avoid additional delays that can occur when a submission must be returned due to formatting errors. All such errors must be corrected before the student's thesis can be approved.

Ph.D. in Marine Science: Coastal and Marine Systems Science

CMSS Doctoral Degree Program Timeline | Completion Checklist

1. Ph.D CMSS Major Advisor andCommittee Memebers

1. a. Ph.D. CMSS Graduate Advisory Committee

1. b. Ph.D. Changes in the Graduate Advisory Committee

2. Funding Request Forms

2. a. Graduate Funds Supply Request 

2. b. Graduate Funds Conference Travel Request

3. Ph.D. CMSS Degree Plan

3. a. Ph.D. CMSS Application for Admission to Candidacy and Degree Plan

4. Ph.D. CMSS Dissertation Guidelines

4. a. Ph.D. CMSS Dissertation Guidelines

4. b. Ph.D. CMSS Title Page

5. Ph.D. CMSS Defense Forms (For Majors Professors)

5. a. Ph.D. CMSS Results of Dissertation Defense

5. b. Ph.D. CMSS SLO Assessment

Miscellaneous Graduate Forms

1. Application for Full-Time Status