Learn more about MyCCU

MyCCU is your new online personal dashboard providing a single entry point to access various CCU services and resources online. A current CCU account is required to log in to MyCCU.

Services and resources are organized via “cards” in a single, customizable location. You can personalize your MyCCU dashboard according to your preferences and simplify daily tasks and information access. MyCCU is accessible from any web browser and/or you can download the MyCCU app from the Apple and Google Play stores. Access a short four-minute video tutorial and FAQs below or view the MyCCU Guide.

Video Tutorial

Unless otherwise directed, all students, faculty, and staff should use MyCCU to access up-to-date services (such as Self-Service, Moodle, etc.) and resources (quick links, campus services, and more).

  • Access and log into MyCCU at from any browser.
    • Choose + Discover More at the bottom, or Discover in the hamburger menu, to explore and save new cards to your MyCCU personal dashboard.
  • Search and download the MyCCU app from the Apple or Google Play stores.
    • In the MyCCU app, click on the search icon to Discover cards.

Watch the short video tutorial above to learn more about how to use MyCCU. You may also view the MyCCU Guide (pdf) for additional guidance.

  • It provides centralized access to CCU resources and services.
  • There is 75% less system login time via single sign-on for most services.
  • This service reduces search time on the CCU website for specific links.
  • MyCCU has a simple design that provides access to up-to-date campus information and news.
  • Each individual has the ability to personalize their own dashboard.
  • Access the MyCCU Guide to learn how to use your MyCCU dashboard.

  • Access MyCCU at from any browser.
  • Choose + Discover More at the bottom, or select Discover in the hamburger menu, to explore and save cards to your MyCCU personal dashboard.
  • New students should consider discovering and saving the cards with the following titles, if they are not already saved yet:
    • Academic Calendar
    • Academic Quick Links (contains quick links to Moodle for class, Self-Service for financial aid and registration, Email, and more)
    • CCU Services (contains quick links to various student services across campus, such as CCU Shuttle Tracker, Coastal Connections, Mail, and more)
    • Campus Map
    • First Day Complete
    • CINO Card
    • Microsoft Services
    • Student Academic Links (contains additional academic links specific to course planning and registering, GPA calculator, and more)
    • Student Account Center (contains links specific to making payments or granting guardian access to your payment portal for paying university expenses)
    • Student Advising Resources 
    • Student Financial Aid
    • Student Housing 
    • Support Quick Links (contains support resources across campus, such as Accessibility and Disability Services, CHANT411, Counseling, LiveWell, Student Health, and more)

  • Students may provide suggestions or new card ideas by using the MyCCU Feedback Form card located inside MyCCU.
  • Faculty or staff may submit an ITS online services request in the Ellucian Services queue; select MyCCU as the category.

MyCCU is a one-stop location where you will access up-to-date resources and services. You can choose how often you access and use MyCCU, however, it is highly encouraged to use MyCCU daily.