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Become an Orientation Leader

Do you want to welcome the next generation of Chants to the University you love? If you’re ready to learn, lead, be challenged, grow, and serve… apply to be an Orientation Leader! Being a part of the Orientation Team (O-Team) is a rewarding experience that provides opportunities for personal and professional growth.

How will being an Orientation Leader benefit me as a student at CCU?

Making connections throughout the University is critical for your success as a student. As an Orientation Leader, you will have the opportunity to make and enhance connections with faculty, staff, and a variety of students from the CCU community. In addition, you will benefit from learning detailed information about University services and programs. Finally, you will be participating in an intense leadership learning experience. If selected, your time on staff will ask you to develop and strengthen your understanding of leadership, and you will be seen and treated as one of the pre-eminent student leaders on our campus.

How will the Orientation Team experience benefit me after graduation?

The Orientation Team experience will be intentionally designed to enhance your leadership skills and abilities. Orientation Leaders will develop skills in group problem solving, conflict resolution, interpersonal communication, multicultural understanding, and team building. Being an Orientation Leader will provide you with the unique opportunity to mentor new students. Throughout the year, you will have opportunities to use your skills in hands-on situations, thus providing experiences upon which future employers look favorably.

Becoming a member of the O-Team is extremely competitive. We seek to put together a diverse staff, full of various experiences, backgrounds, strengths, and challenges. We encourage all interested students to apply for these prestigious leadership positions on our campus. 

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Application Checklist

  • Complete the Orientation Leader Application on Coastal Connections
  • Submit your class schedule on Coastal Connections
  • Contact one CCU faculty/staff member and have them complete the Online Reference Form on Coastal Connections
  • Attend an Orientation Leader Information Meeting

Required Dates for 2023 O-Teamers

Orientation Team Spring 2023 Leadership Class:
Tuesday and Thursday 4:30 to 6 p.m.

Questions? Please email Amelia Carte, Coordinator for Student Leadership Development: