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Vote 1954

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Vote 1954 is an initiative started by the Student Government Association with a goal of reaching 1,954 students. Through this goal, SGA hopes that students have the opportunity to see their voice in action and the work their peers are doing to improve the overall student experience. 

The Student Government Association is the official voice of the student body and acts as a conduit between the students, administration, faculty, and the alumni. The Student Government Association has the authority and responsibility to participate in appointing student representatives to campus and university-wide committees, maintaining self-governance, and working to resolve institutional student issues and concerns.

Election Timeline

Students will receive an email with a unique link for voting on March 22, 2024. Voting will close at 11:59 P.M. on March 28, 2024. 

Executive Board Candidates

President Candidate

  • Gabrielle Ryder
    • Gabrielle is the current Student Body President and is running for reeelection. She is a junior Criminology major, Spanish minor from Western Maryland. She has served as a senator for the HTC Honors College, committee chair of the Student Life Committee in SGA and Faculty Senate, and Executive Vice President. Her goals revolve around continuity, expansion, and engagement. She is pushing for full senate representation for next year. This includes filling all of our senator positions, establishing liaison positions, and appointing all student representative seats on campus. Gabrielle wants to create civically engaged students who understand election processes and understand why they’re important. She hopes to tap into our Hispanic student population and foster better senses of community within this group. She plans to continue to strengthen SGA’s relationships with campus partners, furthering what her administrations have built the past two years. Uniformity in academics is also part of her platform; this includes improving our academic advising and standardizing our UNI110 curriculum.

Executive Vice President Candidate

  • Luke Miller
    • Hi, I’m Luke Miller a Junior Intelligence & National Security Studies major from Elkins, West Virginia and I’m running for Executive Vice President for the Student Government Association (SGA). I’ve been in SGA since the beginning of my freshman year, I started as a Senator for the Edwards college, and I am currently a member of the executive board serving as the Chief of Staff. As well as being in SGA I’m also involved in campus as a member of the Chanticleer Intelligence Brief, I am also an RA at University Place. My campaign for Executive Vice President is built of the platforms of safety, clarity in communication, and recognition. If I were to be elected I promise to work on these platforms as well as anything else that may come up. In order to successfully do this I believe we as the SGA must better focus on outreach to students, actions in senate, and producing noticeable results.

Vice President of Finance Candidate

  • Jaden Corbeil
    • I'm Jaden Corbeil, dedicated to fostering financial responsibility and student empowerment. As Vice President of Finance, I'll ensure transparent budgeting and effective resource allocation to benefit our student community.

Vice President of Public Relations Candidates

  • LaBria Alston
    • My name is LaBria Alston, a senior here at Coastal Carolina University. I am a History major, with a Creative Writing minor and a Cultural Heritage Studies Certificate.

      Consistency. Engagement. Change. The goal of this position is to make the student body more aware of what is going on within Student Government and how Student Government can assist them. With this position, I want to boost engagement, produce consistent media, and gain more of a following – more on par with the number of students that attend Coastal. I want SGA to be more legitimized and one of the first steps should be creating a LinkedIn page and revamping our Facebook page which has been dormant since 2015. I want to work on inner change, and while doing that I would like to amplify the voices of the minority organizations and groups on campus.

      Within the Student Government Association, I have been a Senator where I quickly became the Committee Chair of Public Relations from October 2022 to December 2022. After holding that position, I was appointed to the position of Chief of Justice in January of 2023 where I oversaw elections for the spring and was also appointed as a Student Government representative to Coastal’s Community Accountability Review Team. When I was with this team, I facilitated trust and transparency in the University’s response to incidents to foster an inclusive atmosphere for all students at CCU. Before transferring to Coastal, I went to the College of Charleston where I was a Student Ambassador. As Student Ambassador, I assisted in acclimating and reaching out to first-generation and BIPOC college students at the College.

      I am running for Vice President of Public Relations because, in the year that I wasn’t in CCU’s Student Government Association, I saw that change needed to be implemented. Before when I was the Committee Chair of Public Relations and when I was Chief of Justice, I had a lot of ideas but not the proper role to be an outlet for them. With this position, I will hopefully nurture a better relationship with Student Government and the students here at CCU. Undergraduate. Graduate. Transfer. International, and otherwise.

  • Lyndsey Gilbert
    • My name is Lyndsey Gilbert. I am a sophomore History major with minors in Political Science and French. I have been a senator for two years representing the Edwards College. I have held the role of Chair of the Public Relations Committee as well as Chair of the Ethics and Judiciary Committee. Outside of SGA, I am in Alpha Delta Pi sorority, in the HTC Honors College, and I am a Peer Leader for the Coastal Student Success Center. I am running for the position of Vice President of Public Relations for the 2024-2025 school year. I am running for this position as I have a natural love for leadership. This position would allow for me to utilize the leadership skills that I harness as well as channel my creative portfolio in a useful manner. As a self-identified extrovert, I love to communicate with others, and I believe that I could use this in line with leadership and creativity to provide a fresh and immersive pathway for the public relations of the SGA. A few of my goals as Vice President of Public Relations include revamping the SGA’s website and LinkedIn profiles, begin senator shoutouts, and implement a one post minimum per week rule. My overarching goal is to expand the network of the SGA so that CCU knows who to go to for representation. Chants Up!

  • Anthony Oree
    • My name is Anthony Oree, I am a Business Management major. I am someone who is outgoing, dedicated, goal driven, and unafraid of hard work. As an aspiring Vice President of Public Relations, my primary goal is to enhance the image and idea of SGA with the student body here at Coastal Carolina University. I want a majority of the students to know what SGA is and how SGA can help them. Currently, I hold the role of Committee Chair for the Public Relations Committee, giving me valuable hands-on experience for the role of Vice President of Public Relations. My motivation for running for this role stems from a desire to enact positive change on campus, and improve SGAs imagine among students, factuality, staff, and alumni.

  • Ashley Wulforst
    • As an honors student majoring in Political Science with a minor in Pre-Law, I've actively engaged in shaping the academic and social landscape of Coastal Carolina University. My involvement spans across various prestigious organizations such as Phi Sigma Pi, Phi Eta Sigma, and NSLS. During my time in SGA, I've served as the Academic Chair, demonstrating my commitment to fostering academic excellence, and I am currently Chief Justice on the Executive Board, giving me insight into the inner workings of SGA. Additionally, my contributions as a CINO Quest Leader, participation in numerous student panels, as well as being a Spadoni Fellow underscore my dedication to promoting a vibrant and inclusive campus community.

      My vision as the Student Body Vice President of Public Relations is to cultivate a dynamic, inclusive, and forward-thinking environment at Coastal Carolina University. My goal is to empower students to excel academically, socially, and personally, preparing them for leadership roles in an increasingly diverse and interconnected world. I am uniquely qualified because of my previous experience with student government, and I have a passion for creating a connected community at coastal, founded on communication, awareness, and advocacy. 

Senator Candidates

Conway Medical Center College of Health and Human Performance Senator Candidates

  • Jade Baker
  • Camiyah Binns
  • Griffin Gill
  • A'Zariah Hart
  • Karsyn Knight
  • Somoya Lamkin
  • Hope Reckamp
  • Gabriella Redmon
  • Logan Thomas

Edwards College of Arts and Humanities Senator Candidates

  • Morgan Belton
  • Peter Claiborne
  • Lyndsey Gilbert
  • Isabella Lafranchise
  • Luke Miller

Gupta College of Science Senator Candidates

  • Alexis Burnell
  • Jackson Burroughs
  • Jaden Corbeil
  • Pax Loricchio
  • Makailey MacGregor
  • Brya Marlow
  • David Truhe

HTC Honors College Senator Candidates

  • Brody Holz
  • Grace Martin
  • Samantha Oliver
  • Gabrielle Ryder
  • Julia Sciandra
  • Gabriella Troyer
  • Adelaide Wedholm

Spadoni College of Education Senator Candidates

  • Lauren Burger
  • Dakeia Goodman
  • Madeline Harrington
  • Ajani Jacobs-El
  • Kayla Krushinski
  • Mia Kurtz
  • YaMija McCall
  • Sarah Shaffer
  • Ashley Wulforst

Wall College of Business Senator Candidates

  • Joseph Armijo
  • Cameron Burroughs
  • Sarah Elliott
  • Tiana Garcia
  • Jonah Ham
  • Deloni Haygood
  • William Johnston
  • Christopher Kokoski
  • Aidan Nicholas
  • Anthony Oree
  • Madison Reynolds
  • Harry Torres