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William E. Hills, Ph.D.
Professor of Psychology
Coastal Carolina University
Smith Science Center 217G |  843-349-2276  |

William E. Hills is a Professor of Psychology at Coastal Carolina University, where he is director of the Bachelor’s Certificate Gerontology Program and a faculty member in the Department of Psychology. Hills holds a Ph.D. in biopsychology from the University of Georgia and a master’s degree in social work (M.S.W.) from the University of South Carolina. Hills has been active in gerontology for 25 years, including teaching courses and conducting research in gerontology, and he is a Fellow of the Association for Gerontology in Higher Education. Hills has twice been a study team member of the Fulbright-Hays Group Projects Abroad Program, studying the hospice movement in Poland (1992) and the accession of Poland to the European Union (2003), and he has more recently taught gerontology in Moscow, Russia, as a Fulbright Scholar (2013). His current research includes a grant-funded project to allow gerontology professionals of Russia and the U.S. to exchange best practices information for service delivery. This work involved organizing and leading a team of U.S. geriatric/gerontology professionals to Russia and, correspondingly, leading a Russia team of geriatric/gerontology professionals to the U.S.; both teams were able to explore services for older adults in a country other than their own.

Dennis Reed, M.A.
Production Manager
Coastal Carolina University
Hampton Hall 115  |  843-349-2896  |