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Club Sports

The Club Sport program at Coastal Carolina University exists to provide a competitive alternative between varsity NCAA athletics and intramural sports. Club Sport teams provide opportunities for students, faculty and staff to participate in a variety of sports and recreational activities. Each group is organized and maintained by students under the direction of a full-time staff member of the Department of University Recreation. A club sport is a registered student organization formed by students with a common interest in a sport activity which exists to compete and promote and develop interest in that particular sport. Clubs may be instructional, recreational, competitive or some combination thereof. Characterized by being student-initiated and student-managed, the basic structure of clubs allows members numerous opportunities for leadership and decision-making. The actual success and strength of a club is dependent on effective leadership of the officers and the degree of involvement of the club members and faculty advisor(s).

Officer Meetings

The Officer Meetings serve as a training ground for club officers–they are required to accept the responsibilities involved in administering club sports in the University and the community. Within Club Sports, the Club Sport Council are four elected Club Sport officers which meets to share ideas, aid each other and to provide leadership and collaboration opportunities to students. The Club Sports Council also meets on Club Sports judicial and financial matters. The Officer Meeting schedule is as follows:

Spring 2018 
January 15 Williams Brice 106 5:00 PM Officer Training/Scheduling
March 19 Williams Brice 106 5:00 PM Finances
April 16 Williams Brice 106 5:00 PM Open Forum



Spring 2018 ImPACT Testing

Mandatory: Men's and Women's Rugby, Lacrosse, Soccer, Field Hockey, Ice Hockey, Equestrian and Cheer

1/22/18 Wall 108 7:00 PM ImPACT Testing
1/23/18 Wall 108 7:00 PM ImPACT Testing
1/31/18 Wall 108 7:00 PM ImPACT Testing
2/1/18 wall 108 7:00 PM ImPACT Testing