Club Sport FAQ



What is a club sport?

A recognized student organization that is student-initiated and led. Club Sports are made up of individuals that have a desire to compete or participate in a sport throughout their college career. The clubs may be recreational, instructional, or competitive in nature. Club Sports are neither Division I NCAA teams nor intramural sports. Their ultimate success and stability depend upon the quality of student leadership and the enthusiasm and willingness of members to get involved.

What is the difference between intramurals and club sports?

Although both are administered by University Recreation, club sports are organized and run by students. All club operations, such as practices, competitions, fundraising, and managing the budget are handled by the club officers and members. Also, club sports travel to compete against other universities and those playing intramurals compete against other individuals and teams at Coastal Carolina University that the intramural sports program organizes.

How do I start a new club? Any student may form a new club sport if there are 7 or more people who share his/her interest. There are several factors to take into consideration when forming a new club such as gaining interest, start-up costs, practice location, etc. For a more complete list of steps to take when forming a new club, please refer to the New Club Checklist.

Do they travel to other universities?

Many of the Club Sports do compete with other collegiate Club Sport teams. Travel for competitions is optional and the competitiveness of each club depends on the club's membership.

What is the cost involved?

Most clubs charge dues either on a yearly or a semester basis. For clubs requiring equipment to play, the individual is responsible for purchasing the necessary personal items. All Coastal Carolina University student organizations must charge at least $10 dues annually, but most charge more. Factors such as the sport involved, the number of club members, the amount of travel, and the amount of fundraising come into play for clubs when determining how much each member will have to pay.  

What if I have never played before?

Most clubs do not require that you have any experience to join. The students or volunteer coaches will assist you in learning the sport.

Do I have to try-out?

Clubs that are recreational or instructional in nature do not have a try-out procedure. However, some clubs do have try-outs for the competitive or traveling group in the club, but still have members interested in practicing and involved in the social aspects of the club.

What do I need to play?‌

Clubs usually require the individual to supply their own personal equipment. Items or supplies that can be used by everyone are typically purchased with the club's generated income. Students must complete a waiver and provide proof of medical insurance coverage.

How much time is involved?

Commitment levels are different for every club. Some clubs have organized team practices year-round and compete in several competitions. Other clubs rarely meet as a group for practice, but leave it up to the individual members to determine how much time and effort they want to put into the club.  

How do I join a club?

Check this website for updated contact information for each Club Sport. Membership in club sports is open to all CCU students (full-time and part-time), faculty, and staff, with the understanding that intercollegiate play in many team sports is limited to undergraduate students.

Will I be able to get a scholarship?

Club Sports do not provide scholarships to their athletes.