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Group Exercise and Spinning® Class Descriptions

CARDIO DANCE A high energy dance fitness class incorporating cardio moves and lively choreography. Exciting for all levels of dancers! Test your creativity and try a new way of moving, all while having fun!
HIP HOP CARDIO A fun, energetic class for all levels. Work your entire body while learning choreography to old school and today's hip hop hits. You will get your swag and sweat on!
INTRO TO CONTEMPORARY DANCE Calling all dancers! A fun dance class for all levels that introduces the popular style of contemporary dance! Get a great workout and learn the aspects of moving your body to exciting choreography!
SHOTOKAN KARATE This a traditional Japanese/Okinawan martial art designed to strengthen the mind and body. Beginners are welcome! This class is open to all students, faculty and staff. To learn more about CCU Shotokan please visit
ZUMBA This fun class utilizes interval training and resistance training to maximize caloric output, fat burning and total body toning. It is a mixture of body sculpting movements with easy to follow dance steps.
XTREME DANCE Take your zumba to the next level, with a fun mix of hip-hop, squats and more, seasoned with songs that make you want to dance til you drop!
PILATES The primary focus is on awareness of the spine, proper breathing, core strength and flexibility. The outcome of Pilates training is a balanced body which is strong and supple, flat stomach, balanced legs, and a strong back.
SUNRISE YOGA Ease into your day with a focus. Working strength and flexibility with basic postures & seek to challenge your body with new ones. 
YOGA Focused for Beginners We will build strength and flexibility with basic postures & work to perfect new ones. Yoga will test your body to new limits. We will try new things and freestyle along the way.
YOGA CARDIO A brisk paced class to keep the heart rate elevated while strengthening & lengthening muscles. This class is perfect for all those looking to improve their flexibility, but have a hard time holding still long enough for a traditional yoga class.
YOGA FLOW Focus is on building strength and spinal alignment through the use of the breath, core and postures. Classes will include warm-up sun salutations, standing postures, lunges, balance work, ab work, twisting and light back-bending. All classes finish with a quiet, reclined relaxation period.
YOGA STRENGTH This class focuses on alignment, breathing,& balance. Participants of all levels are welcome & should expect a lighthearted, but physically challenging experience.
YOGA STRETCH A Hatha style yoga experience that focuses on the heart center and alignment in each pose to get maximal stretch and postures. All levels welcome.
YIN YOGA This is a class designed to unwind the tension held in the connective tissue of the body, the fascia. It features slow, mindful movements and long hold times in deep stretching postures.
BUNS & THIGHS 45 minutes to toned legs and glutes! Have you heard about the new exercise craze.. STRONG. Come push yourself and motivate your peers in this high energy class that will improve your strength, stability, and increase your sweat output. From Instagram to reality, we break down key exercises to help you in your goals to a stronger body.
CIRCUIT 30 Using the Queenax (JUNGLE GYM) training system alongside other equipment to provide a variety of circuits to get strong & lean! 
CORE BLAST Learn proper form & technique for strong core development in this ABSolutely awesome class.
CORE 15 Same as Core Blast - just 15 minutes! Great for a quick core workout.
STRENGTH INTERVALS Interval training has never been this much fun! Join in for a mixture of muscle conditioning and high energy hitt and tabata cardio (8rounds: 20 second high intensity training and 10 seconds active rest) exercises that will shape and define. Class format will vary so expect the unexpected! The Hiit approach to exercise is very physically demanding and not appropriate for beginners.
STRENGTH CIRCUITS Using different exercises to build strenght in a circuit format to keep the heart rate up and variety for a fun workout!
TOTAL BODY TONE Detrengthen your total body. All types of equipment is used for a challenging and fun workout! ALL Fitness Levels are welcome.
SPINNING® An amazing 60 min journey, riding towards better health and fitness. Simulates true cycling in an indoor environment, designed for all fitness levels.
SPIN® XPRESS - 40-45 minute heart pumping time on the bike. 
QUICK SPIN® - Join us for a great, 30 minute quick ride. Also great for beginners to get used to the longer rides.