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1,000/500 Pound Challenge

Picture of 1000lb500lb clubThe 1,000/500 Pound Challenge is Coastal Carolina’s premiere power lifting event. Contestants perform three different max lifts: squat, bench press and deadlift. Each competitor gets up to three attempts at each lift, and the best lift at each discipline counts toward their total weight lifted.

Every gentleman who competes that lifts 1,000 pounds or more and every lady who competes that lifts 500 pounds or more receives a shirt that proudly displays his/her accomplishment. Competitors names are also engraved on a plaque which is located on the Fitness Floor at the HTC Center. After each meet, the plaque is updated to include the names along with the totals of those who successfully accomplished the 1,000/500 pound threshold. Awards are also given at the completion of the event for first through third place overall as well as first through third place pound for pound in each division, male and female.

Students look forward to this contest each fall and spring semester as it gives them the opportunity to compete in a healthy pursuit against themselves and the previous competitors on the plaque to improve their weight. 

All currently enrolled CCU students are welcome to enter. Students can register online at www.coastal.edu/recreation/store, or students can also sign up in person at the HTC Center Welcome Desk. Student are also welcome to contact Facilities Coordinator Steven Faulk via email at swfaulk@coastal.edu if they have any further questions.


 2022 Fall contest results

 PDF 22 FA Group photo winners

Women's Overall

Women's Pound for Pound

Men's Overall Men's Pound for Pound

Lilian Young

750 lbs total

  Cameron Morris 1,355 lbs  Ryan Burba 696% 

Emily Moyer

620 lbs total

  Wes Alexander 1,310 lbs  Daniel Mcgill 681% 

Shane Byrne

1,285 lbs


Shane Byrne    1,285 lbs 

Julian Rohrbach 661%