Recreation & Sport Management, B.S.

Degree Policies and Requirements

Students must earn a grade of 'C' or better in each course used to satisfy RSM major requirements, and RSM foundation requirements. A grade of 'C' or better is also required in English 101.


Each student must complete 1 60 hour practicum.  Practicum allows students to work and gain experience in a career area that is of interest.  This helps students increase their skills and knowledge which will assist in finding internship and employment.


All Recreation and Sport Management students are required to complete a capstone 12-week, 12 credit hour, 480 hour internship at an approved and supervised site during their final semester.  Students are expected to demonstrate mastery of the student learning outcomes during this experience.  End-of-program oral and written exit exams are required of all students to be admitted to the internship.  The purpose of the exit exam is to determine how well the student has mastered program content within the student learning outcomes.  All Recreation and Sport Management students are required to be admitted to the internship. The program has students in hundreds or internships and location across the country and around the globe.  Recent internships include ESPN, Kanasas City Chiefs, Red Bull Sports, Madison Square Garden, Florida Gulf Coast University, Big Shots, Disney World, Disney Sports, United States Olympic Training Center, College of Charleston, Francis Marion University, The Ripken Experience and many, many more.

Admission requirements to the internship:

  1. Demonstration of acceptable professional dispositions
  2. Passing score (70 percent or better) on end-of-program exit exam
  3. Successful completion of oral exit interview
  4. 'C' or better in all RSM major requirements
  5. 'C' or better in all RSM foundation requirements
  6. Successful completion of all undergraduate required coursework

CCU CORE CURRICULUM (37-41 Hours)   


  • ECON 101 Survey of Econ
  • RSM 242 Introduction to RSM   
  • RSM 290 or CBAD 201 Fiscal MGMT  
  • RSM 317, PHIL 305,311,318,319 Ethics


  • RSM 337 Risk Management in RSM
  • RSM 369 Marketing & Promo. in RSM
  • RSM 389 Leadership in RSM  
  • RSM 392 Field Experience in RSM
  • RSM 396 Orientation to Internship (1)
  • RSM 456 Administration in RSM  
  • RSM 490 Program & Event Planning 
  • RSM 494 Area & Fac Management
  • RSM 496 Internship in RSM (12)  


Students are encouraged to select an approved minor or choose six selectives from classes below:

RSM 210, 280, 305, 308, 310, 315, 352, 370, 377, 379, 393, 394, 399, 400, 410, 432, 438, 482, 499, CBAD 344, DCD 312, ECON 330, 331, JOUR 316, 350, KRSS 301, MKTG 450, 455, MGMT 320, SOC 300

ELECTIVES (15-19 Hours)

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