Graduation Application

Graduation Application

Applying for graduation is an important milestone in your academic journey. This information should help you understand what you need to complete in order to apply for graduation. 

Q. Who is eligible for graduation?

A. In order to be eligible for graduation, you must register for your remaining coursework and:

  • Meet all course requirements, all "in residence" requirements, and all departmental or program requirements.
  • Have earned the minimum cumulative GPA on all work attempted at Coastal Carolina University (2.0 for undergraduate; 3.0 for graduate).
  • Have earned the minimum hours as determined by the degree or certificate (120 earned hours minimum for undergraduate degree; 30 earned hours minimum for graduate degree; 12 earned hours minimum for a certificate).
  • Have a clean My Progress report indicating all requirements are "Fully Planned"
  • If you receive a grade of "I" (Incomplete) for any of your classes for the current term (or have an "I" from a previous term), you must have completed all coursework and turned it in to the instructor by the end of your specified graduation term. If not, your graduation application will be denied and will have to reapply for graduation for a future term.

Q. How can I apply?

A. Applying for graduation is an electronic process through Self Service.

Q. Is there a tutorial that I can reference for online graduation applications?

A. Yes, please review the document here

Q. Do I need to pay my graduation application fee at the Office of Student Accounts?

A. You can pay your application fee directly through the new online process. Within the payment portal, there is an option to pay by an electronic check, which does not charge a service fee. However, credit card payments will incur a service charge.

Q. When is the deadline to apply for graduation?

A. Please refer to the Academic Calendar for specific dates.

Q. How do I graduate with Honors?

  • Honors is only available for undergraduate degrees.
  • Earn at least 45 graded (GHR) hours applicable toward the degree "in residence" at Coastal Carolina University.
  • Honors will *NOT* show on your graduation application because it is based on your completed GPA. It will, however, show you on your final official transcript.
  • Honors will be calculated based on your Coastal Carolina University GPA, including both original and repeated grades that were taken (including 'Course Repeat Forgiveness').
    • Summa Cum Laude: GPA 3.95
    • Magna Cum Laude: GPA 3.750 to 3.949
    • Cum Laude: GPA 3.500 to 3.749
  • Students graduating in August but walking in May commencement cannot walk with Honors, however Honors earned wil be noted on a student's diploma.
  • For the commencement ceremony the GPA from the beginning of the semester a student will graduate in will be used.

Q. How do I graduate with University Honors Program?

  • Meet all University Honors requirements as described in the University Catalog, including earning at least of 24 credits of Honors designated coursework.
  • University Honors will only be awarded to undergraduate programs of study.
  • University Honors will show on your graduation application and must be approved by the University Honors Director.
  • University Honors will show on your Official Transcript once the completion of your degree/certificate has been verified.

Q. Which ceremony should I plan on attending?

August (Summer) Commencement:
As of Spring 2022, Coastal Carolina University will be holding only two commencement ceremonies, one in May for spring and summer graduates, and one in December for fall graduates. There will be no longer be a commencement ceremony in August.

Students who complete their degree requirements during one of the summer terms (May, Summer I, and/or Summer II) should apply for Summer graduation in Self Service. They will participate in the May commencement.

May (Spring) Commencement:
To participate in the May (Spring) commencement ceremony a student must either:

  • Complete their degree requirements at the end of Spring semester; or
  • Complete their degree requirements by the end of the Summer II semester

December (Fall) Commencement:
To participate in the December (Fall) commencement ceremony a student must:

  • Complete their degree requirements at the end of Fall semester

Students' transcripts will reflect their graduation term as the one in which they complete their coursework.

Q. Are there other resources for graduates?

A. Yes, please visit for more information

Q. Who should I contact if I have additional questions?

A. Feel free to send an email to, come by and see us at 222 Baxley Hall, or give us call at 843-349-2019.