Sports Camp Insurance - Coastal Carolina University
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This sports and academic camp insurance program is designed to cover your camp, and the college or university venue where you are holding your camp, for liability insurance. In addition, your campers will be covered for medical bills related to accidents that happen at your camp with an Excess Accident Medical Policy.

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Policy Limits & Coverages

Per Occurrence Limit $2,000,000
Aggregate Limit of Liability $3,000,000
Participants’ Legal Liability Limit Included
Sexual Abuse/Molestation Liability (Per Occurrence) $1,000,000 (Separate Limit)
Sexual Abuse/Molestation Liability (Aggregate) $2,000,000 (Separate Limit)
Products/Completed Operations Aggregate $2,000,000
Personal Injury/Advertising Injury $2,000,000
Damage to Premises $300,000
Medical Payments (to non-participants) $5,000
Liability Deductible $0
Defense costs outside the limits  
Optional Hired/Non-Owned Auto Liability CSL* $1,000,000